New Caches

We have 16 new caches this week, of which two are on Anglesey to ruin Gwyns map!
GC9FB3E Pont Ffatri Cymunod Bryngwran by TegwenEdwards Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9FB4H Water Pump Bryngwran by TegwenEdwards Traditional D1.5/T1.5

This series is an extension to the Slate Trail and guides you around the old slate workings at Aberllefenni.
GC9F3VH Miners’ Trail 1 by Oldquincepie Traditional D2.5/T1.5
GC9F3T4 Miners’ Trail 2 by Oldquincepie Traditional D2.5/T1.5
GC9F3TC Miners’ Trail 3 by Oldquincepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3TG Miners’ Trail 4 by Oldquincepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3TN Miners’ Trail 5 by Oldquincepie Traditional D3/T1.5
GC9F3TQ Miners’ Trail 6 by Oldquincepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3TV Miners’ Trail 7 by Oldquincepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3TZ Miners’ Trail 8 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3V0 Miners’ Trail 9 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D3/T1.5
GC9FDG6 Miners’ Trail 10 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3V4 Miners’ Trail 11 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9FDGA Miners’ Trail 12 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D3/T1.5
GC9F3TC Miners’ Trail 13 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9F3VB Miners’ Trail 14 by Oldquinciepie Traditional D2/T1.5

Nosh & Natter Reminder

GC9EXTX 9 Usual Suspect – Nosh & Natter 40

When: Tuesday 31st August
Where: Anglesey Arms, Harbour Front, Caernarfon LL55 1SG
Time: 7pm to 9pm or when the last person leaves

Our first N&N since February 2020! Let’s hope for a nice evening so that we can sit outside and watch the sunset while enjoying a beer or two. Please could the first ones to arrive ‘grab’ some tables as the pub does not take bookings on outside tables. All Welcome.

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  1. Gwyn has already found one of them 😂😂 You can imagine his reaction when they popped up!! 😂

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