New Caches

Three new caches this week, one is a premium member only, unusually all caches are in different UK series.

GC9E25Q REALLY SideTracked – Rhydyronen (A fine pair) by Optimist on the run Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9E762 War Memorial #1603 ~ Llandderfel by martin&lindabryn Traditional D3/T1.5

Premium Members Only
GC9E7VK Pier Pressure #25 – Colwyn Bay 2021 by seanx90 Multi D1.5/T1.5

Balsam Bash

Cnicht in the distance

A very beautiful location to spend a sunny, hot Sunday morning, even though there was only four of us we removed balsam from the banks of a large stretch of the Afon Glaslyn. The views and the river were stunning in an area not normally accessable to the public. Our efforts were rewarded by lots of different wildlife, the highlight being a fly past of a kingfisher.

Hard at work!

Big Thanks to all who took part, your help was very much appreciated.

Balsam Bashing

Apologies but there is a last minute change of location, we are now meeting at:

N 52° 59.241′ W 4° 05.724′′ which is on the A498 road between Beddgelert and Porthmadog.

The new meeting place is at the land owners barns, we will park here and cross the road into the fields and work our way along the river. This a very beautiful and lazy stretch of the Glaslyn with nice riverside flowers, the terrain is flat and open but at some points, there is a steep but visible drop into the river.

Look forward to seeing you there.

New Caches

Just two new caches this week……..

GC9DYMV Millys place by bobwedge Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9E517 Lovely view of amlwch and Irish sea by paulfelix92 Traditional D2/T1.5

New Events

We are pleased to announce the return of Geocaching events to Wales, but there are still some restrictions, so at present only outside geocaching events are allowed. The CITO will be the first 9US official event since the 14th March 2020, hopefully it will be the first of many and the end of online events!

GC9DYQ6 CITO Season 1 by 9 Usual Suspects CITO Event (Litter pick) D1/T2
by attending this event your efforts will be rewarded with CITO Season 1 2021 souvenir.

GC8QABW Let’s Celebrate International Geocaching Day! by 9 Usual Suspects Community Celebration Event D1/T1

This cache type was originally known as the Lost and Found Event Cache. It was created for events that were hosted by geocachers from April 30, 2010 to May 3, 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of geocaching. Just 362 Lost and Found Events were held, so a very limited number of cachers earned the icon. By attending this event you will earn both the Community Celebration icon and a souvenir.

Balsam Bash

Here is the coordinates for the beginning of the lane N 52° 59.202 W 004° 05.247, it is right on the nasty bend. We will meet up by the cattle grid at the beginning of the lane at 10.30am, please bring gloves, drinks etc. The forecast is OK, maybe a shower but it will be a lot cooler than it has been. For more information contact us.

Balsam Bashing

We are looking for Balsam Bashing volunteers to join us on Sunday 25th July at 10.30am at Hafod y Llyn Isaf, Nantmor, Beddgelert. This is not a geocaching event. We will be working in conjunction with the Snowdonia National Park’s Celtic Rainforest project.

yellow dots represent balsam distribution

Please register your interest in the comments and we will be in touch with further details.

New Caches

Just two new caches this week:

GC9CPCG Madam Wen Bryngwran by TegwenEdwards Traditional D1.5/T1.5

Premium Member Only
GC9DVA7 Bricks Glore by TaffyLewis Traditional D2.5/T2.5

Looks like events could be back………… watch this space!

New TB Race

As part of our International Geocaching celebrations we are going to be starting a new TB race, with prizes for the furthest travelled, for the most countries visited and for any TB’s that make it back to 2022 International Geocaching Event. On the website there will be a new page to keep track of all the competing TB’s progress.

1) The race will last for one year, starting on International Geocaching Day 2021 and finishing on International Geocaching Day 2022.
2) The start will be from 9US International Geocaching event or if geocaching events are still not allowed TB’s to be ‘dipped’ into the nearest cache to the event.
3) The TB can be ‘dipped’ by the owner into another 2 caches before it is to be released into the ‘wild’. No hanging on to it and bringing it to next years event!
4) A country is as defined by
5) TB’s distance to be recorded in KILOMETRES not miles and start at zero!
6) There is no limit to how many TB’s you can enter.

Geocaching – 5 things you need to know

Geocaching HQ, Seattle

Geocaching is both a game and a business
 Groundspeak who manage Geocaching are a business. Groundspeak shows adverts on their website if you are not a premium member but this is minimal and restricted to a couple of small ones in your sidebar. They don’t get into big contracts to promote other people’s wares, so the money has to come from somewhere! Premium membership is their primary source for funds and about 7p a day, it isn’t a bad deal for Website in 26 languages, iPhone and Android Geocaching App, Adventure labs & Wherigo. Hours of fun for a few pence a day!

The orginal design of a Geocache

Play Fair
Don’t be a Geocaching tyrant, it’s a game played by many people most of whom you will never meet or know anything about. When Caching, it’s helpful to remember that the cache belongs to the owner, and if they say no photos of logs, signatures required, they are perfectly within their rights to delete your log if it doesn’t live up to the requirements set out in the geocaching page. If you don’t like this, then avoid that users caches, there are millions more out there. While there are rules, people’s interpretation of them may differ from your own. Rules like leaving a throw down when the cache is obviously there goes without saying, but deleting someone’s log for not signing because it’s too wet isn’t fair play IMHO.If you are a cache owner, please try to be understanding. People from all walks of life and all abilities cache, not everyone is as perfect as you might like. When submitting a new cache remember that reviewers are people, volunteers, and fit Geocaching in around their lives. Reviewers try to be objective and ensure everyone follows the same rules, but they are Cachers, like you and I, work with them to get your caches published. Check what is required before you submit a cache and make sure all the required information is on your submission, missing information is the largest cause of rejected caches. It’s not the reviewers job to do the leg work for you when you submit your new entry, if a reviewer rejects a cache and you don’t understand why, ask them.

Damp conditions at Cwmorthin

Go equipped
Having the right equipment makes for a great day of geocaching running out of battery or getting soaked is not. The primary item of course is a pen or pencil, and maybe a spare or two, there must be thousands of ‘lost’ writing implements left by Caches each week. Spare batteries or a power bank is essential for a day’s intensive caching, constantly using the GPS on your device is a heavy drain on batteries, and there’s nothing more infuriating than coming towards the end of lengthy series, only to have your phone die on you.
If you are heading up to the moors or into the mountains, appropriate footwear and waterproofs are the absolute minimum, snacks, water and a whistle should be carried as well. There are many articles on what to carry in your day bag online that can help you better than I can. Check the weather before you set out, because in the UK, it’s not unusual to have 3 seasons in one day. If venturing up a mountain or moors, it is worth noting as you gain altitude, the temperature drops surprisingly fast, around 1°C for every 100m, cold, wet and miserable isn’t a great day and possibly the quickest way to put someone off caching. If you are going into the wild and off the paths for a day hike, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back, it might just save your life, and don’t forget to let them know you are back at the end of the day.
Carry extra logbooks and pencils. We all know that it’s the Cache Owners’ responsibility to keep caches maintained, but sometimes life gets in the way, if you discover a cache with a full or wet log, please be kind and drop a new log in for them, don’t forget to message the cache owner and let them know what you have done. Please don’t slap a “Needs Archiving” on straight away, a simple message to the cache owner or a “Needs Maintenance” log is sufficient.

Ready for any weather

Get Social and meet other Cachers
Geocaching can be a lonely game, it is usually played in secret, and that’s half the fun. There are lots of events where Cachers gather and share stories of their adventures and great finds. There’s all sorts of social events from Cache In Trash Out which could be a litter pick or working with an environmental group to remove an invasive species from an area to a get together for a chat. It’s a great way to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

People who cache with kids love SWAG (Stuff we all get), it makes the day more exciting searching for treasure and primes the next generation of Cachers. The golden rule about SWAG: if you take something, leave something of equal or higher value. Kids and some adults love to find treasure, and it’s so much better if they can take a new toy away and leave something behind for others. If we want to keep the sport alive and growing, it’s our responsibility to pass our enthusiasm to the next generation.
Ideas for what to put in: Small toys, Key Rings, souvenirs like woodies or path tags, Trading cards (in a waterproof seal easy bag), foreign coins, rain ponchos
Do not put in: Perishables, e.g. sweets that go horrible quickly and mess up a cache, non family friendly items, fireworks, lighters, drugs, alcohol and any illegal materials should also not be placed in a cache, although if someone is considering placing any of the above items they really need to have a word with themselves.

A well stocked Cache

Lastly it’s a game have fun and help each other, it’s not that difficult 🙂

New Caches

Just two new caches this week and Ecobake has already got the FTF on one!

Time and Tide Bell

GC9D712 St Patrick’s Time & Tide 🔔 Cemaes Bay, Anglesey by Team Marzipan Traditional D1/T1.5
GC9DH5M This grass doesn’t grow…. by hayleycox Traditional D2.5/T1.5

Future Events

As Sully pointed out I have gone completely mad as there is no Monday 31st in July this year! It looks as though Covid restrictions are going to be with us for a while longer here in Wales which makes all geocaching events and N&N’s impossible. So we will carry on arranging unofficial events until the rules change, at least this allows us all a chance to meet up and do something nearly ‘normal’. The next scheduled event will be August 21st International Geocaching Day.

4th July BBQ

We would like to thank everyone for all the contributions of food, sweets and sundries which all added to making a very enjoyable afternoon/evening. So nice to see our geocaching friends in person and not on a zoom call. A special thanks goes to Mike (Team Marzipan) for suppling and organising the games, Pete (naturesbyte) and Julie (Bess’s Friends) for manning the BBQ’s. Hope to see everyone at our next scheluded event, International Geocaching Day on the 21st August. If all restrictions are lifted on the 19th July N&N’s will resume on Monday 31st July, venue to be confirmed.

Ball Tossing………… Team Marzipan’s famous game!

New Caches

View from Rhosydd Quary

We have something for everyone this week, seven new caches in Rhosydd Quary and mountains around Llyn Cwmorthin, a church micro and a nice traditional.

GC96DPJ This Italian is called Tony by Borderterrierist Traditional D1.5/T1.5

The following are all Premium Member only:
GC9D4FY Rhosydd Quarry – Llyn Clogwyn-brîth by meltdiceburg Traditional D2/T4
GC9D4G6 Rhosydd Quarry – Llyn Cwm-corsiog by meltdiceburg Traditional D2/T4
GC9D3NR Cnicht by meltdiceburg Letterbox D2.5/T4
GC9D4GE Llynnau Diffwys – The Island by meltdiceburg Traditional D2.5/T4.5
GC9D4FB Allt-fawr by meltdiceburg Traditional D2.5/T4
GC9D4EM Ysgafell Wen by meltdiceburg Traditional D2/T4
GC9D4F1 Moel Druman by meltdiceburg Traditional D1.5/T4

GC9D99M Church Micro 14053…Llanfair yn y Cwmwd by Saints1 Traditional D1.5/D1.5

4th July BBQ

All looking good for Sunday, weather forecast OK….ish, the tents will be up just in case of a shower, Oh and all current Covid restrictions will be observed. Hope to see you there………..