International Geocaching Day 2021

On Saturday 21st August, the 9 Usual Suspects celebrated 10th International Geocaching Day. The event was hosted by Bess’s Friends at Rocklands in Caergeiliog and despite the Met offices gloomy forecasts the rain held off. There was a great turnout with lots of the Usual Suspects along with some new faces. With the Geochat and food, of course, there were games this time organised by Bess’s Friends. The two teams were picked at random from a ‘hat’ with Bob and Steve being the first people out of the hat and therefore were nominated as team leaders. A treasure hunt was the first event and a great success for ‘Team Steve’, there was also a new throwing game donated by Team Marzipan which was successfully trialled, Elaine, Jude and Dawn were the only players to get a point, I think this says more about our collective dexterity than the game itself. ‘Team Bob’ fought back in subsequent games to win the competition by a narrow margin. Ray manned the BBQ and cooked the contributions bought by all, keeping up a regular supply of hot food for the afternoon. There also was a selection of home made cakes & puddings including a trifle from Sion, which complemented the great spread put on by Ray and Julie. The annual raffle was drawn, this one spanning 2 years due to covid with all the prizes being collected or posted to the winners. As part of the celebrations the 2021 TB Race was also started and the TBs embarked on their travels. The race can be tracked here as it unfolds over the coming year.

A huge thank you from all of us to Ray and Julie for their hard work in putting this event together.

3 thoughts on “International Geocaching Day 2021

  1. Glad you all had a wonderful fun day. I forgot to leave my trackable for the race. Perhaps I can start late 😁😁

  2. Looks like it was a corker of an event – gutted to have not been able to make it there, but hope to do so in 2022! 😁

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