News & New Caches 114

We have 2 new events published:


GCAGXT5 9 Usual Suspects Say Goodbye 2023 by 9 Usual Suspects

Our last event of 2023 and a chance for a quick catch up before the New Year Celebrations begin. There is no better way to start your celebrations than meeting up with your geocaching friends!

When: 31st December, 2023
Where: Scoops, 8 Palace St, Caernarfon LL55 1RR
Time: 11am-12pm

A new venue for us, we will be in the garden room. This is a small venue so please log “will attends” to ensure we book enough space for everyone.

GCAGY4V 9 Usual Suspects Say Hello 2024 by 9 Usual Suspects

Our first event of 2024! Why not join us at Traeth Lafan Nature Reserve?

When: 1st January, 2024
Where: Bangor LL57 3YH
Time: 12-12.30pm

After the event 9 Usual Suspects invite all attendees to join them on exploring the new section of the Wales Coastal Path.

New Year Souvenirs

There are 2 souvenirs to earn over the Christmas/New Holidays, ‘Farewell to 2023’ and ‘Greeting from 2024’ by finding any type of geocache, attending an event or completing an Adventure Lab stage.
Farewell to 2023 is available from 24th to 31st December.
Greetings from 2024 is available from 1st to 8th January.

Christmas Dinner Event Review

GCAFM95 Christmas Dinner – Nosh & Natter 63 by 9 Usual Suspects

For this years Christmas dinner we returned to the Tafarn Yr Afr/Goat Inn, Glandwyfach. Again we all had a very enjoyable evening, great company with plenty of geochat and banter, fun Secret Santa and lovely food. Was this event sponsored by Lidl?

UK 2024 Mega Event 2024

GCAAB24 South East UK Mega 2024

Are you planning to go to next years UK Mega? Have you booked your camping pitch? December is the last month to secure a discounted pitch price, in January the price will revert to full price. So if you want to pay a reduced price book your pitch now!

The following text is taken from the November edition of the South East UK Mega news letter:

South East Mega NEEDS YOU…!
2024 is an amazing year, not only does it have the South East Mega, it is also a leap year! And that means, 2024 has a very special day, February 29th! Some players might have been waiting almost 4 years to tick this date off their calendar.
We would love it if you could help us mark this very special day with an event and if you can, some fundraising on our behalf. Host an event on Thursday 29th February 2024 and if you could run a game, a raffle or some other competition at your event to help us with fundraising we would really appreciate it. The host of the event that raises the most for us will receive one of our money can’t buy Event Winner Geocoins, along with a few other goodies and of course an amazing shout out on our socials! Feb 29th events can be published now, so find that location and get that event planned.”

We know how hard it is to raise money to fund 9US exploits so to fund raise for a Mega Event must be a nightmare. We are planning to have a 9US Leap Day event, should we support the Mega Team by running a fundraiser on their behalf?

News & New Caches 113

GIFF 2023 Event Review

GCAED06 GIFF 2023, Geocaching International Film Festival by 9 usual Suspects Event D1/T1

A very big Thank You to everyone for attending. The weather was perfect for a GIFF event…… grey, wet and cold. A miserable Sunday afternoon when you really did not want to be outside caching. After hot drinks, snacks and plenty of geochat we settled down to watch the films. We started this years film show with a surprise addition, Dragons Quest, a film submitted by RichieBlod but sadly didn’t make Geocaching HQs final cut. This was by far the most popular film with our audience!

As in our previous GIFF events everyone was given a voting sheet and asked to mark the films out of 10. The results of the voting:
1) Geocare – Home for the Aged Geocacher 121 votes
2) Don E.T. 95 votes
3) Geocaching Might Be For You 81 votes

It will be very interesting to compare our results with those of the official vote run by HQ, GIFF People’s Choice Film.
How to vote for GIFF People’s Choice Film:
1. Attend an official GIFF Event November 9 – 19, 2023.
2. After watching the films, go to .
3. Vote for your favourite film.
One vote per player account. Voting closes Thursday 23rd November.

We have to Thank Pete for the personalised event souvenirs, sorting the tech and being projectionist, Elaine for running the kitchen, Carole & Caleb for letting us show their film, Richard for helping setting/clearing up, Jen for the wonderful raspberry flapjack and everyone that helped out, supported us by buying raffle tickets, containers and making donations. Your support is very much appreciated!

Slate Geocoin Competition

Have you ever thought about designing a geocoin? We have 15 blank slate coins that are awaiting your design. The coins will be sold at our events to raise money for 9US funds.

Our first slate geocoins

The slate coins are approx 50mm in diameter. The coin will have two designs one on the obverse (heads) and one on the reverse (tails). The design needs to contain the wording ‘9 Usual Suspects’ and ‘Track at’. Space has to be left for TB 6 digit tracking number which will begin 9U. No brand names, trademarks or logos to be used. The coin design has to go through an approval process by Geocaching HQ. Designs to be either emailed to or handed directly to us. The competition closing date is 31st December 2023.

Further details message us either through the comments, 9 usuals Suspects Geocaching account or

News & New Caches 112

Another quiet week for new caches……….

Event Reminder GIFF 2023

Only a week to go!

GCAED06 GIFF 2023, Geocaching International Film Festival by 9 usual Suspects Event D1/T1
Where: Talysarn Community Centre, Station Road, Talysarn, Caernarfon LL54 6HL
Date: Sunday 19th November 2023
Doors open: 2.00pm
Film showing starts: 2.45pm approx, duration approx 1 hour.
Venue closes: 5.00pm 

We are in the process of finalising our plans for next Sundays event. Refreshments will be available through out the afternoon.

As in previous GIFF events we will be asking attendees to rate all films from 1-10, it will be interesting to see how this compares with Geocaching HQ’s worldwide vote for GIFF People’s Choice Film.

How to vote for GIFF People’s Choice Film:
1. Attend an official GIFF Event November 9 – 19, 2023.
2. After watching the films, go to OR scan the QR code at the end of the film.
3. Vote for your favourite film.
One vote per player account. Voting closes Thursday 23rd November.

If intending to be joining us please log a ‘will attend’ as this helps us to plan seating, refreshments and souvenirs!

Christmas Dinner

GCAFM95 Christmas Dinner – Nosh & Natter 63 by 9 Usual Suspects

Where: Tafarn Yr Afr/Goat Inn, Glandwyfach, Porthmadog LL51 9LJ
When: Saturday 25th November
Time: 7.30-9.30pm or when the last person leaves
Dress Code: Anything Christmas

Please log ‘will attends’ asap as we need to confirm numbers. We are also now taking food orders, last day for menu choices is Sunday 19th November. For menu please see our last post.

9US Halloween Event

GCAEFH4 Trick or Treat with 9 Usual Suspects by 9 Usual Suspects Event D1/T1.5

Do you recognise your caching friends?

Thanks everyone for attending, a fun, spooky evening with all the usual banter and geo chat. Shame the weather leading up to the event was so wet and windy that we had to leave setting up to the last minute. What didn’t appear this year we will keep for our next years Halloween event. Yes, it looks like there will be one next year. As always Pete did a great job on the BBQ and impressed us all with his cocktail mixing skills!
Gail should have let us know it was her birthday……. it’s now in the diary!

News & New Caches 111

Just a short post, one new traditional cache and a new Ad Lab to report:

Please note Premium Members only.
GCAFZ9M Samhain Blessings by Squaddie101 Traditional D1.5/T1.5

New Adventure Lab

Capering around the Carneddau Created by Bobo Frett
5 nonsequential locations exploring the beautiful Carneddau mountains.

Event Reminder

GCAEFH4 Trick or Treat with 9 Usual Suspects by 9 Usual Suspects Event D1/T1.5

When: Friday 3rd November
Where: Plas Gwernoer, Nantlle LL54 6BB
Party Starts: 6pm
Party Ends: 9pm or when the last person leaves
Attire: Optional Halloween Fancy dress

We are not cancelling this event, hopefully storm Ciaran will have passed without causing any problems. Wrap up warm, the latest weather forecast for Friday night is for showers and for it to be a bit on the chilly side.

GIFF 2023

Just to let you know this years films arrived safely today…….. Big question are we going to have a sneak preview?