About Us

9 Usual Suspects – The History

Back in 2014 events were few and far between in North Wales, with most being hosted by visiting geocachers and usually consisting of a quick meet at a well-known tourist spot. Around this time Geocaching HQ started issuing souvenirs that could only be obtained by attending events. After driving 120 miles on a very wet, cold, horrible Sunday afternoon to spend 15 minutes standing around a trig point getting soaked we decided things needed to change. So naturesbyte and I began to host souvenir events. With the same faces regularly attending these events we all decided to form a group to share ideas and the responsibility of organising events. What were we going to call ourselves? The 9 comes from the number of regular attendees and the Usual Suspects comes from Ecobake’s logs. Occasionally he wasn’t the First to Find on a new cache and if one of us had won the race he would put in his logs that he had been beaten by one of the usual suspects.

Results of our 1st CITO

With our group name sorted, 9 Usual Suspects geocaching account was opened on the 4.8.2015 with our first event at Witches Brew Tea Rooms, Pwllheli on 22.8.2015. 2015 also saw us host the GIFF (Geocaching International Film Festival) for the first time, it has since become an annual event in our calender. With 2016 being a Leap Year someone had the bright idea of having an event and maybe setting a few caches…….. Leap Day was celebrated with 2 events, breakfast and evening, with the publishing of the 29 series during the breakfast event.

In April 2016, with the support and loan of equipment from Gwynedd Councils Tidy Town Scheme, we organised our first and very successful Cache in Trash out (CITO) at Lon Cob Bach, Pwllheli. We have since hosted at least 2 CITOs a year at 7 different locations every time filling the trailer.

As we all enjoy each other’s company and geocaching together it was decided to meet up once a month for an evening event, this has been a great help in planning events, caching trips and our general adventures. The first Nosh & Natter was held at the Antelope Inn, Bangor on 9.5.2016. March 2020 would have seen Nosh & Natter 40 but sadly was canceled due to Covid 19 lockdown. There are now far more than 9 suspects attending our events and involved in the planning of our activities. Our trips to date have taken us to Wales’s oldest cache, Europe’s First, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Prague and of course Piratemania, Geolympics and UK Mega’s.