News & New Caches

GC9MJNM Friends and Piers by Clueless_Goose Mystery D3.5/T1.5
The above cache is the first of its type in this area, as it involves team work and technology 9US are holding an event on Garth Pier, Bangor, Sunday 27th February, 2.30-3pm where hopefully afterwards we will succeed in finding the cache. (Please note the event is listed below but is awaiting review)

GC9MZ3R A Fine Pair # 1647 ~ Dothan by Glaslyn1 Multi D2/T2


February sees the long awaited return of Nosh & Natters. We are back at the Anglesey Arms as some of our other regular venues are currently not serving food on a Tuesday. Please log in advance ‘will attends’ to ensure we book enough space/tables.

GC9MVER 9 Usual Suspects – Nosh & Natter 43 by 9 Usual Suspects D1/T1

GC9N17R 9 Usual Suspects Go Peering Around the Pier by 9 Usual Suspects D1/T1 (awaiting Publication)

Guess the Cache 3

This one proved a bit more of a challenge than I had intended………. it was only when I checked to see who had found it that I discovered only Bess’s Friends, Naturesbyte and myself had completed the task to log the cache. I can highly recommend this fun cache, it is no longer in the dilapidated shed.
Congratulations to Bryan for the only correct guess.
GC6VJQE GRUNDY BIN (Gadget trail) (read the cache page) by Dr Evil D4.5/T1.5

Guess the Cache 4

This is taken a little away from the cache GZ which is on the right of where the photo is taken.


Another week with no caches, Adventure labs, or events published in our area.

Trackable Name Badges

Looking for something unique to wear at a Geocaching event? Want everyone to know who you are? Then a trackable name badge might be the answer.

Sporting the latest Geocaching logo as well as Signal the Frog, these durable name badges identify you as a Geocacher and can be supplied with your name, your caching team name and a tracking number.

Waterpoof and hard wearing too! Each badge comes with a safety pin fastening on the rear. Available with White, Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold, Brushed Silver or Delrin plastic.

The cost of the badges is normally £4.45 each but if we can place a bulk order with NE Geocaching Supplies they will give us a discount. If you would like to use an existing trackable code that you own deduct a £1.

For more details and to place an order please contact us through the comments or email us
admin(at) (replace (at) with @)


January Nosh & Natter Cancelled

Sorry folks, here in Wales the rule of 6 still applies in hospitality settings so we have no option but to cancel Januarys Nosh and Natter. Hopefully Covid restrictions will have eased for N&N’s to resume in February.

2022 Souvenir Dates

Geocaching HQ have published the following dates for 2022 souvenirs:

  • Cache In Trash Out®, Season 1: March 1 through May 31
  • Deuces Wild: 2/2/22
  • Blue Switch Day: April 30 through May 2
  • International Geocaching Day: August 20
  • Cache In Trash Out®, Season 2: September 1 through November 30
  • International EarthCache Day: October 8 and 9
  • Goodbye 2022: December 25 through 31

North Wales Wildlife Trust

Do you have some spare time and want to get involved with wildlife projects? North Wales Wildlife Trust have many on going projects needing volunteers, from beach cleans, intertidal surveys and restoration projects, they also have many guided nature walks and talks in their busy event calendar.

For more information visit North Wales Wildlife Trust

Guess Which Cache?

This is the first of an occasional series, the picture below is taken either from GZ or very close by to a cache. A nice easy one to start with. Can you name the cache?

Which Cache? 1

News & New Caches

Again there has been no new caches or events published in our area. Pink icing have cancelled their event, GC9KBDP Happy New Year at the seaside, for tomorrow (1.1.2022) due to Mark testing positive for Covid. We hope he is OK and would like to wish him a speedy negative test.

Today, 31.1.2021, is the last day to obtain Fin Souvenir, to qualify find a cache or Adventure Lab. From tomorrow the Once Upon a Time 2022 souvenir is available, to qualify find a cache or Adventure Lab from 1st-8th January 2022.

We would like to wish everyone a very, very happy, healthy and Covid free New Year. Let’s hope 2022 will be a good one for us all with plenty of restriction free Geocaching!

And finally……..

News & New Caches

We hope everyone had a lovely, safe Christmas. Another very quiet week on the geocaching front with no new caches or events published in our area. A quick reminder the Fin 2021 souvenir is currently available, to qualify find a Geocache or Adventure Lab on or before 31st December.

Anagram Answers

News & New Caches

Two new caches this week, both with the FTF up for grabs. What has happened to the First To Finders?

GC9K8AQ This Daughter Has Tunnel Vision by Clueless_Goose & StrawberryFinch Traditional D2/T2

Premium Member Only
GC9KBGX Ar y Ffordd o Minffordd by Clueless_Goose Traditional D3/T1.5

Online Christmas Party

Links for the party will be sent out the day before, Monday 20th December. Haven’t signed up and want to attend? Contact us through the comments.

Remember this? More elves from last years party……….

And finally…….

It’s nearly Christmas so let’s have another cracker joker……….

What do you call a reindeer who can’t see? No-eye deer

News and New Caches

No new caches or events to report this week. We are hoping to have a couple of events over New Year but we are refraining from publishing until we can see how the current Covid situation develops.

Online Christmas Party Tuesday 21st December 2021 at 8pm

We can confirm there will be no cheese, canapés, wine or Secret Santa and everyone will be social distanced!
Book your space by contacting us either through the comments or message us admin(at) (replace (at) with @)

Another gem from last years party………….

Update on GC8NEAT Locationless Cache

GC8NEAT Let’s improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache
Don’t panic if you have not yet logged this cache as Geocaching HQ have extended the deadline to December 31st 2022. Originally this cache was released by Geocaching HQ as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. Full instructions on logging requirements are found on the cache page.

New Year Souvenirs

There are two new souvenirs ‘Fin’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’ available to find over the Christmas/New Year Holidays. To qualify for the Fin 2021 souvenir find any geocache from December 24-31, and the Once Upon a Time 2022 souvenir by finding another geocache from January 1-8.

The following cache types all qualify for the souvenir:

  • Traditional Caches
  • Multi-Caches
  • Virtual Caches
  • Letterbox Hybrids
  • Event Caches
  • Mystery Caches
  • Webcam Caches
  • EarthCaches
  • Wherigo Caches
  • Adventure Labs

And finally

Here is another cracker joke to get you in the mood for Christmas:

What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum… you just can’t beat it!

News & New Caches

Only one new cache this week and completes the Aberlleiniog Castle Trail.

GC9JWGW Aberlleiniog Castle Trail, The Castle by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D2/T2.5

Online Christmas Party

As we cancelled Christmas Dinner denying us all of a chance to meet up before Christmas would anyone be interested in an online party similar to last years? Please let us know your views and any ideas.

Also, depending on how the present Covid situation develops, we are considering rescheduling Christmas Dinner for late January……. Please let us know if you are interested.

Contact us either through comments or by emailing us admin(at)

The Reach the Peak souvenir Challenge December

The new challenge starts on the 6th December. This month we are heading to Alaska to summit North America’s tallest peak, Denali. Prior to 2015 the mountain was called Mount McKinley after a 35 year campaign its name was officially changed to its local name, Denali. Cachers must collect 350 points to earn the Denali Basecamp souvenir and 6,190 points to earn the Denali Summit souvenir.
Here are the point values for our climb up Denali:

Found a Multi-Cache750
Found a cache with 10+ Favorite points700
Found an EarthCache600
Found a Mystery Cache550
Found a Letterbox Hybrid500
Found an Adventure Location425
Found it*350

*Log a Found it on any other non-Event cache type, excluding Webcam Caches.

The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 750 points.

Oh Lastly our Covid tests came back negative……….


GIFF Update

New for this year if you were unable to attend an event the films are now available to watch online on the Geocaching YouTube Channel.

Unlike other years when the GIFF souvenir was automatically awarded after logging an ‘attended’ log on an event, this year you have to discover the trackable. The trackable code is displayed after the last film on the GIFF film reel. Post a discovered log, (the trackable code found below) and you will receive the GIFF 2021 souvenir.

GIFF Trackable code GIFF21

There are 2 other TB’s hidden in the films:
GIFF Clapperboard GT30QT
Froggy und Cacher-Mobil 17NTWB

Also there is a worldwide vote for GIFF People’s Choice Film, to vote go to: and vote for your favourite film. One vote per player account. Voting closes Tuesday, December 7, 6:00 PM UTC time. The winner will be announced in a future Geocaching Blog post.

Log Book and 3D Printed Event Souvenirs

GC9H8N8 GIFF 2021, Geocaching International Film Festival by 9 Usual Suspects

For this years event we were at Talysarn Community Centre, a new larger venue for us with plenty of easy parking. The space worked very well with areas for the film show, refreshments and a stall selling crafts plus geocaching bits and pieces.
After hot drinks and a chance for everyone to catch up, we all settled down to watch the films with bowls of popcorn, crisps and sweets. Were the films of a higher standard than in previous years? That is for you to judge.
A very big thanks goes to Julie and Ray (Bess’s Friends) for supplying/manning the stalls, Pete (naturesbyte) for printing the souvenir and sorting our all the technical stuff, Richard and Elaine for running the kitchen and general mucking in, Andy(YnysMonBirders) for supplying the screen and finally THANK YOU everyone for attending.

New Adventure Lab

Betws-y-Coed Bimble created by strongsRus
This lab will take you on a short walk through the scenic village of Betws-y-Coed.