Over the past few years we have made videos of our adventures.

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The Highlights of 2023

2023 a year of adventures with 9 Usual Suspects.

SS Denham

GCACYNA 9 Usual Suspects Visit a Wreck by 9 Usual Suspects D1/T5

A fun walk out to the SS Denham on a lovely late summer evening.

Piratemania 2023, The Big Day

This years Piratemania, another great geocaching day.

9 Usual Suspects Re-visit Ynys Enlli

GCA5EAK 9 Usual Suspects Re-visit Ynys Enlli Event by 9 Usual Suspects

Share the fun and adventures of the 9 Usual Suspects plus lots of friends and reserves as they make a return visit to Ynys Enlli/Bardsey Island.

CITO 2023 Season 1

GCA5MYF CITO 2023 Season 1, Let’s Make Spaces for Wildlife by 9 Usual Suspects

This was the first 9 Usual Suspect CITO event that did not involve picking up litter.

Ski Sunday

GCA31ZX 9 Usual Suspects Present Ski Sunday by 9 Usual Suspects Event

The rest of Europe may have limited snow but here in the Nantlle Valley the conditions were perfect for a fun afternoon of skiing. The Moseley’s training paid off with them topping the medal tables.

9 Usual Suspects 2022

This is a 2022 retrospective for the 9 Usual Suspects.

Remember When……. We Had Adventures

Due to Covid 2020 was the cancelled year, this video is a compilation of Geocaching adventures of 9 Usual Suspects for their virtual 2020 GIFF film festival.

Remembering When….. CITOs

This video is a compilation of Geocaching CITO Events held by 9 Usual Suspects for their virtual 2020 GIFF film festival.

Pirate Mania 2019

A short video of 9 Usual Suspects plus many friends at Pirate Mania 2019.

3 Usual Suspects plus 4 Visit Dublin 2018

A mad pub crawling weekend in Dublin, lots of Guinness drunk while doing virtual caches GCM7R6 Northside Pub Crawl and GCJJVZ Southside Pub Crawl.

GC7R7XQ CITO Aberlleiniog Castle

A partnership event with Menter Môn and Llangoed Community Council, litter pickering around Aberlleiniog Castle, Anglesey and afterwards finding some new geocaches.

GC7MYV4 9 Usual Suspects Visit Cwrw Llyn, Nefyn

The Usual Suspects visit the brewery, Cwrw Llyn, Nefyn Gwynedd.

GC7CKWP 9 Usual Suspects Revisit Cwmorthin, Tanygrisiau

Usual Suspects plus friends and reserves celebrating International Earthcache Day at Cwmorthin, Tanygrisiau, North Wales.

GC7BM8R CITO, Traeth Lafan Nature Reserve

Litter picking at Treath Lafan Nature Reserve and coastal path.

GC79FP0 9 Go Mad Around the Stacks

Geocaching around Holyhead Mountain after the Event GC79FP0 9 Go Mad Around the Stacks.

GC76XBB 9 Usual Suspects Go Swashbuckling on Cei Ballast

Geocachers looking for the ‘Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde’