The Big 2021 Quiz

Here is a little something to keep the brain cells occupied over the Bank Holiday Weekend……..

Answers will be published early New Year.

  1. Name the winning horse and jockey of the Aintree Grand National?
  2. Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest?
  3. Pete & Ann were away on holiday for nearly all September, Where were they?
  4. Which county was this years Geocaching UK Mega held in?
  5. In which month did Prince Philip die?
  6. What vehicle did Prince Philip choose to carry his coffin at his funeral?
  7. A new £50 note entered circulation in June this year. Which scientist/mathematician is celebrated on the new note?
  8. A ship blocked the Suez Canal for days causing worldwide delays: What was the name of the vessel?
  9. A legal dispute hit the headlines in April when Colin launched legal proceedings against Cuthbert. Who are Colin and Cuthbert?
  10. Bitcoin became the official currency in which Central American country?

  11. The Zoom meeting of a UK council went viral this year, with one guest memorably exclaiming “You do not have the authority, Jackie Weaver!” What council was it?
  12. The cast of which long-running American sitcom reunited for the first time since the show’s finale in 2004 this year?
  13. Who was the female tennis star from South London who won the US Open this year?
  14. Which American singer terminated a 13-year legal conservatorship giving their father and others control over their finances and personal life?
  15. This year ITV announced they had axed The X Factor – what year was the show first aired?
  16. What is Adele’s long awaited album called?
  17. Matt Hancock resigned as Health Secretary in June, after being caught doing something in his office – what was it?
  18. In January 2021, online retailer Boohoo acquired which brand and website for £55 million?
  19. Which news channel was launched on 13 June?

  20. Who was the former owner of a Ford Escort sold at auction for more than £52,000?
  21. Police are called as hundreds flock to Diddly Squat Farm Shop – who is its famous owner?
  22. What is the name of the new James Bond film?
  23. September saw the eruption of a volcano on which Canary Island?
  24. The 2021 Labour Party conference took place in which seaside resort?
  25. The contactless payment limit is increased from £45 to how much?
  26. Alec Baldwin was filming on the set of which upcoming film when a terrible and fatal accident occurred?
  27. Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenne visited which British non-league football club’s stadium for the first time since buying it earlier in the year?
  28. Voyage is a studio album released on 5 November 2021 by which group?
  29. Which supermarket chain spoofed the John Lewis Christmas advert?

  30. At the end of November, which country became the world’s newest republic?
  31. The northern part of which English county saw a massive swing from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats in a by-election?
  32. Where was “I’m a Celebrity 2021” held?
  33. Who was the winner of “I’m a Celebrity 2021″?
  34. What is the is the current Geocaching Souvenir Challenge called?
  35. In February, Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away, aged 100. He raised more than £30m for NHS charities by initially walking how many laps of his garden?
  36. In July, Unesco removed its world heritage status from which UK site?
  37. On which planet did Nasa fly a small helicopter called Ingenuity, bearing a fragment of the Wright brothers’ first aeroplane?
  38. Name the drummer of the Rolling Stones, who died aged 80?
  39. Who controversially won the Formula 1 Championship in Abu Dhabi?

  40. Which sports personality was awarded an MBE for their campaigning to help vulnerable children?
  41. In June which MP defected from Conservative to Labour, calling his former party “reactionary, populist, nationalistic and sometimes even xenophobic”?
  42. Which landscape in Northwest Wales is given UNESCO World Heritage status?
  43. AUKUS, a trilateral security pact with was formed between the UK, Australia and the United States to provide what to Australia?
  44. Who was the first civilian aboard his own winged rocket ship to reach space, attaining an altitude of 53 miles above ground—three miles beyond the threshold of space?
  45. Who filed a lawsuit against Disney — the parent company of Marvel Studios — over their decision to stream Black Widow on Disney+ simultaneously with the theatrical release?
  46. We all have heard of PCR Covid tests, what does PCR stand for?
  47. Which famous BBC DJ passed away on Christmas Day?
  48. Who was the above’s famous brother?
  49. Which European country’s flag change went largely unnoticed?
  50. Slovenia laid claim to having the largest pile of which substance in Europe?

News & New Caches

Again there has been no new caches or events published in our area. Pink icing have cancelled their event, GC9KBDP Happy New Year at the seaside, for tomorrow (1.1.2022) due to Mark testing positive for Covid. We hope he is OK and would like to wish him a speedy negative test.

Today, 31.1.2021, is the last day to obtain Fin Souvenir, to qualify find a cache or Adventure Lab. From tomorrow the Once Upon a Time 2022 souvenir is available, to qualify find a cache or Adventure Lab from 1st-8th January 2022.

We would like to wish everyone a very, very happy, healthy and Covid free New Year. Let’s hope 2022 will be a good one for us all with plenty of restriction free Geocaching!

And finally……..

News & New Caches

We hope everyone had a lovely, safe Christmas. Another very quiet week on the geocaching front with no new caches or events published in our area. A quick reminder the Fin 2021 souvenir is currently available, to qualify find a Geocache or Adventure Lab on or before 31st December.

Anagram Answers

Nadolig Llawen – Merry Christmas

We would like to wish everyone a very happy, safe, Covid free Christmas and take this opportunity to Thank everyone for supporting 9US through another difficult year.

Christmas Brain Teaser

For those that were not at the online party here is 10 anagrams all connected with food that you could eat on Christmas Day. Answers in the next post.

Just another couple of elf videos from last year…….. first the Moseleys

And finally Wendy, Sion and Dave…….

And the final bad cracker joke for this year……….

What did the sea say to Santa? Nothing! It just waved!

News & New Caches

Only one new cache and one new event published this week. The event is a bit out of our area but for anyone wanting to visit a beautiful beach on New Years Day this event by Pink icing should be considered.

GC9KBDP Happy New Year at the seaside by Pink icing Event D1/T1.5

GC9JT53 Promenade Across The Causeway by Clueless_Goose Multi D2/T1.5

A lovely multi cache which takes you along Belgian Promenade that can be combined with this Adventure Lab Gateway to Ynys Mon – Exploring Menai Bridge created by escapefromwork.

GIFF Results

This year’s Signal Award winner is…

First hide – Geocaching Documentary from Finland

“Braija returns with “First hide – Geocaching Documentary from Finland.” This year, he’s a Community Volunteer Reviewer here to help a cacher with his first geocache hide. He shares tips and tricks which can help every new cache hider!” Geocaching HQ Blog

This year’s People’s Choice winner is…

Signal Academy – Froggy’s Dream

“Signal Academy – Froggy’s Dream shows a day in the life at Signal Academy – a school for cute miniature Signal the Frogs! From Dr. Professor Signalus’ lessons to Outdoor Recreation class, there’s lots going on at Signal Academy.” Geocaching HQ Blog

I’m not sure if we all agree with the peoples choice vote result. There were 61 film submissions from 15 different countries, 17 of which made the cut for this years film show. The next GIFF will be in 2 years time, 2023, due to Geocaching HQ 20th anniversary celebrations. Could we do better?

Other Stuff

A big Thank You to everyone who attended last nights online party and Pete for sorting out all the technical stuff etc. Let us hope that next year we will all be meeting up in person and not online events.

Another elf dance from last year, take it away Pink icing and Jude100………

And as it is not quite Christmas here’s another cracker joke…….

Who says “Oh, oh, oh!”? Santa Claus walking backwards

News & New Caches

Two new caches this week, both with the FTF up for grabs. What has happened to the First To Finders?

GC9K8AQ This Daughter Has Tunnel Vision by Clueless_Goose & StrawberryFinch Traditional D2/T2

Premium Member Only
GC9KBGX Ar y Ffordd o Minffordd by Clueless_Goose Traditional D3/T1.5

Online Christmas Party

Links for the party will be sent out the day before, Monday 20th December. Haven’t signed up and want to attend? Contact us through the comments.

Remember this? More elves from last years party……….

And finally…….

It’s nearly Christmas so let’s have another cracker joker……….

What do you call a reindeer who can’t see? No-eye deer

Geminids meteor shower.

As we approach the shortest day in mid December in the UK, on a clear night we see the Geminids meteor shower. This is one of the most active and reliable meteor showers in the astronomical calendar. Although this peaks on the early morning around 14th, it starts on the 4th and extends to the 16th of December. The best time to see this phenomenon is around 02:00 to 03:00 in the morning. The name Geminids comes from the “apparent” source of the shower the Gemini constellation which is currently to the east. That said, meteors from this shower can appear from just about anywhere in the sky, although they will appear predominantly from the direction of the Gemini constellation. Meteors are small stony or metallic natural objects from space usually the remains of a comet or collision between asteroids. When a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it is traveling faster than a speeding bullet, estimated to be greater than 11 km per second (25,000 miles per hour). Friction produced by the collision with the atmosphere, causes them to vaporise, and heat the air around it giving the characteristic trail, any colour is given by the material that is burning usually white for iron-nickel but can be blue, green or red . If the meteor reaches the ground it’s known as a meteorite.
The Geminids are intensifying every year and recent showers have seen 120–160 meteors per hour!

Geminids photo by Jeff Sullivan

Here’s hoping for a clear sky tonight.

News and New Caches

No new caches or events to report this week. We are hoping to have a couple of events over New Year but we are refraining from publishing until we can see how the current Covid situation develops.

Online Christmas Party Tuesday 21st December 2021 at 8pm

We can confirm there will be no cheese, canapés, wine or Secret Santa and everyone will be social distanced!
Book your space by contacting us either through the comments or message us admin(at) (replace (at) with @)

Another gem from last years party………….

Update on GC8NEAT Locationless Cache

GC8NEAT Let’s improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache
Don’t panic if you have not yet logged this cache as Geocaching HQ have extended the deadline to December 31st 2022. Originally this cache was released by Geocaching HQ as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. Full instructions on logging requirements are found on the cache page.

New Year Souvenirs

There are two new souvenirs ‘Fin’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’ available to find over the Christmas/New Year Holidays. To qualify for the Fin 2021 souvenir find any geocache from December 24-31, and the Once Upon a Time 2022 souvenir by finding another geocache from January 1-8.

The following cache types all qualify for the souvenir:

  • Traditional Caches
  • Multi-Caches
  • Virtual Caches
  • Letterbox Hybrids
  • Event Caches
  • Mystery Caches
  • Webcam Caches
  • EarthCaches
  • Wherigo Caches
  • Adventure Labs

And finally

Here is another cracker joke to get you in the mood for Christmas:

What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum… you just can’t beat it!

Online Christmas Party

Join us for an evening of seasonal fun on Tuesday 21st December 2021 at 8pm. There will be quizzes, games and hopefully a lot of laughs.
Dig out your Christmas jumper and any other fitting attire.
You will need a Christmas cracker, pen and paper and something to drink, preferably alcoholic!

To get you in the mood here’s a cracker joke from last year:

How does Jack Frost get to work? By icicles

Remember this?

Please confirm attendance so we can forward you a link to join the fun and frolics.

News & New Caches

Only one new cache this week and completes the Aberlleiniog Castle Trail.

GC9JWGW Aberlleiniog Castle Trail, The Castle by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D2/T2.5

Online Christmas Party

As we cancelled Christmas Dinner denying us all of a chance to meet up before Christmas would anyone be interested in an online party similar to last years? Please let us know your views and any ideas.

Also, depending on how the present Covid situation develops, we are considering rescheduling Christmas Dinner for late January……. Please let us know if you are interested.

Contact us either through comments or by emailing us admin(at)

The Reach the Peak souvenir Challenge December

The new challenge starts on the 6th December. This month we are heading to Alaska to summit North America’s tallest peak, Denali. Prior to 2015 the mountain was called Mount McKinley after a 35 year campaign its name was officially changed to its local name, Denali. Cachers must collect 350 points to earn the Denali Basecamp souvenir and 6,190 points to earn the Denali Summit souvenir.
Here are the point values for our climb up Denali:

Found a Multi-Cache750
Found a cache with 10+ Favorite points700
Found an EarthCache600
Found a Mystery Cache550
Found a Letterbox Hybrid500
Found an Adventure Location425
Found it*350

*Log a Found it on any other non-Event cache type, excluding Webcam Caches.

The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 750 points.

Oh Lastly our Covid tests came back negative……….