TB Race 2021

This TB race is part of our International Geocaching Day 2021 celebrations, with prizes for the furthest traveled, for the most countries visited and for any TB’s that make it back to the 2022 International Geocaching Event.

1) The race will last for one year, starting on International Geocaching Day 2021 and finishing on International Geocaching Day 2022.
2) The start will be from 9US event GC8QABW Let’s Celebrate International Geocaching Day!
3) The TB can be ‘dipped’ by the owner into another 2 caches before it is to be released into the ‘wild’. No hanging on to it and bringing it to next year’s event!
4) A country is as defined by Geocaching.com.
5) TB’s distance to be recorded in KILOMETRES, not miles and start at zero!
6) There is no limit to how many TB’s you can enter.

Owned by: Naturesbyte

7 thoughts on “TB Race 2021

  1. Well, that’s mine released into the wild in lovely spot in Warwickshire. I’m just hoping it does not meet the same fate as my previous TBs…….

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