Not another Online Event (Which is an Online event on 20th Feb) – Update

There will be a session with the Linconshire Mega chairperson who has kindly agreed to give us an update on the progress for the Mega later this year, also a Mega Q&A so if you have any questions please send them to us and we can pass on.Bess’s Friends will be setting a geocaching quiz […]

9 Usual Suspects – Xmas Nosh ‘n’ Natter

So we can’t have our usual Christmas meal/party /general good time due to the apparently never-ending pandemic and random lockdowns. So we have a cunning plan……. a Virtual Christmas party, courtesy of the interweb. So here’s the plan1. We all logon wearing Xmas attire, there will be a virtual prize for best outfit.2. Bring your […]