News & New Caches 132

We have 2 new caches to report since our last post, please note both are Premium Member Only:

GCANW2F Most Northerly Harbour in Wales by Sqaddie101 Traditional D3.5/T1.5
GCANWCC Superman’s Changing Room by MonHunter Traditional D1/T1.5

Event Review, Anglesey Column

GCAN1D5 9 Usual Suspects Visit Anglesey Column by 9 Usual Suspects

With the column reopening to the public at the beginning of the year it was only a matter of time before we hosted an event here. The column closed to the public very shortly after we moved to Nantlle. Many times we have looked up at the Marquis and said ‘I bet the views are fab from up there’. We can now confirm the views are amazing. The 115 step climb to the top was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I’m not that confident when it comes to heights but the substantially built platform and railings made you feel very safe even when looking down over the edge.

The weather was not perfect but good enough to give us some incredible views, especially of the bridges and straits. After taking lots of photos and videos we all made our way back down the steps to join the not so brave attendees for some well earned refreshments in the new cafe. Another lovely afternoon spent with our geocaching friends.

For the geocacher there are currently 2 caches here, a multi and an earthcache. We highly recommend visiting, not just the column but also the cafe as it does a very good paned and homemade cakes.

For details on opening times, prices and history of the column follow this link Anglesey Column

Here are a few photos of our day:

Virtual Cache Award Update

We would like to thank you for all the comments and ideas of where to place our Virtual Reward Cache. After visiting Anglesey Column we have decided to place the virtual cache here, from the top of the column you look out across our ‘patch’. There will be another event for the launch of the cache…. watch this space!

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