News & New Caches 133

Just 2 new traditional caches have been published since our last post:

GCAP46W Can you see the monument by Coxystar79 Traditional D1/T1.5
GCANYPN Porth Swtan byTheAngleseyClarkes Traditional D1/T1.5

Please note there will be NO Nosh & Natter this month, but they will resume in May.

Llanfaglan Church

GC8DH3W Church Micro 12800…Llanfaglan by 9 Usual Suspects Multi D2/T1.5

While enjoying a guided history tour of Caernarfon we met Ifor Williams who takes care of this lovely old church on behalf of the charity Friends of Friendless Churches. He has kindly offered to give us geocachers a guided tour of this fascinating church. The tour would last between 30-45 minutes. Our plan is to hold an event here, either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, to include the tour and a BBQ or picnic just down the road by the ‘pirate ship’. Are you interested? Please let us know as we need to have a rough idea of numbers before making any further plans.

Blue Switch Day

On May 2nd, 2000 the U.S. government opened up accurate GPS technology for public use, prior to this day the technology had only been available to the US military. The very next day the first geocache was hidden and the beginning of the game we all love. Known as Blue Switch Day geocachers like to commemorate this day by finding a cache and earning a souvenir.

To earn this years Blue Switch Day souvenir simply find one geocache, attend an event, or Adventure Lab® Location between 2nd to 5th May, 2024.

8 thoughts on “News & New Caches 133

  1. We would love to attend the Llanfaglan tour, (dependant on when it’s happening??), we would expect to be in Wales for much of the year, as normal! :o) so should be able to join you.

  2. I would be very interested to have a tour of this church, since it has a grave with a very “piraty” theme in it!
    But I am tied up till the 26th since we have an inspection that week!

  3. If we are free, the three of us 🐶 would like to come along.

    Please keep us posted, cache you soon.

    Mike & Gail (TM)

  4. I would most certainly like to partake of a barbecue and church saunter. It’s a pretty wee church and last time we all came away with fab ffotos.

    What a coincidence. Just the other day, we drove past the monument and wondered who put that there!

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