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Two new earthcaches and a couple of new events to report since our last post:

Premium Member Only
GCAMJCN Great Orme and Little Orme adventure by seanx90 Earthcache D2.5/T4.5
GCAMJA8 Bardic Circle by seanx90 Earthcache D1.5/T.15


GCAN1D5 9 Usual Suspects Visit Anglesey Column by 9 Usual Suspects
When: 2.4.2024
Where: Anglesey ColumnParc Dre, Caernarfon
Time: 2-4pm

So, are you ready for the 115 step challenge to the top? Please note there is a charge to climb the steps to the viewing platform but not to attend this event.
The cost to climb to the top of the column is for adults £7.50 and for children £3.50.
Please note the climb is not recommended for children under 3 years.

GCAN2QB Meet and Greet, Mine’s A Pint. by Bess’s Friends
When: 14.6.2024
Where: Bragdy Cybi, Unit 4a, Penrhos Business Park, Holyhead. LL65 2FD
Time: 6.30-9pm

GCCAN2QT Meet and Greet, Tanygrisiau. by Bess’s Friends
When: 18.6.2024
Where: lakeside Cafe, Tanygrisiau
Time: 12-12.30pm

Event Reminders

GCAMJH4 CITO 2024 Season 1 by 9 Usual Suspects Event D1/T3.5
When: 23.3.2024
Where: Parc Dre, Caernarfon
Time: 11am-1pm
Another CITO Event meeting on the old bridge. We will be litter picking the usual area but hope to extend to include the beginning of Lon Eifion cycle path. An area in desperate need of a tidy up. By attending this event you will earn CITO 2024 Season 1 souvenir and this event will also count towards the March Equinox souvenir.

GCAMM4Z 9 Usual Suspects Cake and a Brew Event D1/T1
When: 23.3.2024
Where: Parc Dre, Caernarfon
Time: 1-1.30pm

Anglesey Column, a Brief History

The column was designed by Thomas Harrison to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo which took place on June 18th 1815. The building of the 27 meter tower commenced a year later in 1816 and was finished in 1817. It is built of limestone quarried from Moelfre quarry.

On the foundation stone there is an inscription in English, Welsh and Latin:

The inhabitants of the counties of Anglesey and Caernarvon have erected this column in grateful commemoration of the distinguished military achievements of their countryman HENRY WILLIAM, MARQUESS OF ANGLESEY the leader of the British Cavalry in Spain throughout the arduous Campaign of 1807 and Second in Command of the Armies confederated against France at the memorable battle of Waterloo on the 18th of June 1815. Thomas Harrison Architect.

Installing the statue

It was not until 1860 that the Paget family added the brass statute of Battle of Waterloo hero William Henry Paget, the first Marquess of Anglesey, to a plinth at the top of the fabulous landmark.

The Column was listed grade II as a building of special interest in 1952 – its designation was lifted to grade II* in 1992.

Due to the deteriorating condition of the Anglesey Column it was closed to the public in March 2012. In 2017, the 200th year of the column’s existence, a charity, the Anglesey Column Trust, was set up to look into the possibility of repairing and re-opening the column. Close to £1.4million was raised, with the majority being from The National Lottery Heritage Fund plus donations from local charities and general fund raising. The results are impressive, the column has a new staircase and a general makeover, the original tiny cottage has been extended to provide a cafe, toilets and information centre with nature trails currently being constructed in the grounds.

While visiting remember there are two geocaches here:

GCAJ1GP Tŵr Marcwis by RichieBlod Multi D1.5/T2.5 Premium member Only
GC2G80B Geomon #7 Llanfair PG Blue Schist by The GeoBEATS Earthcache D1.5/T3.5


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