News & New Caches

Only one new cache and one new event published this week. The event is a bit out of our area but for anyone wanting to visit a beautiful beach on New Years Day this event by Pink icing should be considered.

GC9KBDP Happy New Year at the seaside by Pink icing Event D1/T1.5

GC9JT53 Promenade Across The Causeway by Clueless_Goose Multi D2/T1.5

A lovely multi cache which takes you along Belgian Promenade that can be combined with this Adventure Lab Gateway to Ynys Mon – Exploring Menai Bridge created by escapefromwork.

GIFF Results

This year’s Signal Award winner is…

First hide – Geocaching Documentary from Finland

“Braija returns with “First hide – Geocaching Documentary from Finland.” This year, he’s a Community Volunteer Reviewer here to help a cacher with his first geocache hide. He shares tips and tricks which can help every new cache hider!” Geocaching HQ Blog

This year’s People’s Choice winner is…

Signal Academy – Froggy’s Dream

“Signal Academy – Froggy’s Dream shows a day in the life at Signal Academy – a school for cute miniature Signal the Frogs! From Dr. Professor Signalus’ lessons to Outdoor Recreation class, there’s lots going on at Signal Academy.” Geocaching HQ Blog

I’m not sure if we all agree with the peoples choice vote result. There were 61 film submissions from 15 different countries, 17 of which made the cut for this years film show. The next GIFF will be in 2 years time, 2023, due to Geocaching HQ 20th anniversary celebrations. Could we do better?

Other Stuff

A big Thank You to everyone who attended last nights online party and Pete for sorting out all the technical stuff etc. Let us hope that next year we will all be meeting up in person and not online events.

Another elf dance from last year, take it away Pink icing and Jude100………

And as it is not quite Christmas here’s another cracker joke…….

Who says “Oh, oh, oh!”? Santa Claus walking backwards

4 thoughts on “News & New Caches

  1. Sorry we couldn’t join you for last night’s online party. We followed the link and downloaded Webex(?) and it said it had notified Pete, but then I had to go out so left the technophobe/illiterate on his own!!!!!
    Merry Christmas to you all and hoping for a better 2022 and to see you soon xx

  2. Thankyou both very much for organising an evening of festive fun 🎄🎅 Our first ‘Christmas party’ ( & our only one!) We will be having a family Christmas meal though, which will be such a joy. The first time we will all be able to meet together for 2 years! Happy Christmas everyone and here’s to a better year ahead 😘 xxxx

  3. Thanks Ann, thanks Pete, for the super virtual party. The anagram quiz has been scattered throughout the family and everyone enjoyed that too.
    Looking forward to meeting up with everyone sometime next year, or maybe 2023 🤣🤣🤣
    Have fun and stay safe y’all.

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