New Caches

Just two new caches this week and Ecobake has already got the FTF on one!

Time and Tide Bell

GC9D712 St Patrick’s Time & Tide 🔔 Cemaes Bay, Anglesey by Team Marzipan Traditional D1/T1.5
GC9DH5M This grass doesn’t grow…. by hayleycox Traditional D2.5/T1.5

Future Events

As Sully pointed out I have gone completely mad as there is no Monday 31st in July this year! It looks as though Covid restrictions are going to be with us for a while longer here in Wales which makes all geocaching events and N&N’s impossible. So we will carry on arranging unofficial events until the rules change, at least this allows us all a chance to meet up and do something nearly ‘normal’. The next scheduled event will be August 21st International Geocaching Day.

One thought on “New Caches

  1. Woohoo – August 21st for International Geocaching Day sounds awesome! Fingers crossed events are allowed 😁🥳

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