Time for an Event?

Now postponed to 22nd May

Although official Geocaching Events are not available just yet, Socially distanced gatherings of up to 30 persons will be permitted from the 26th of April under the latest guidance from the Senedd. As we haven’t met up as a group for quite a while, a CITO is the perfect socially distanced event. A suggestion is that we could combine an unofficial CITO and the “Let’s improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache GC8NEAT” which adds both an Icon and Souvineer to your profile. So with all that in mind how about meeting on 2nd May Saturday Afternoon Near Tescos Caernarfon and hitting some of the hot spots in the vicinity. Please let us know if you are interested, the number will of course be limited to 30.

Behind Tescos

5 thoughts on “Time for an Event?

    1. Am I too late to say I’ll join you? It would be my first geocaching event as I began during the pandemic. How do I contact you? I’m ruthiejane on Geocaching.

      1. Hi Ruth
        You are more than welcome to join us. This is not an official geocaching event as all events in the UK are still suspended due to Covid. Saturday 2nd May, here are the Coordinates for our meeting point N 53° 07.825′ W 004° 16.125 we are planning to kick off about 2pm and pick for about a couple of hours. This is a link to the last CITO we did there GC7WETR. We will be in touch nearer the time with more details.

  1. Hoping to make it there, but I’m 12 hour nights [:(] so will have to leave by 4 o’clock to be in work for 6! I’d planned on taking a lieu day off, and stop the night in the nearby travel lodge after sampling some real beers in real pubs for the first time in ages !! but it’s my workmates rostered weekend (12 days off) I’ve just had my first 12 day break in the last 4 or 5 months what with all the overtime for “covid related reasons” [;)] I’m not willing to spoil his well earned rest either [;)] He’ll probably hate me for missing out on another overtime shift! [:O] H’mm…..I suppose I could ask him tomorrow if he’s up for it though [;)][;)]

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