6 thoughts on “Random Fact for the day

    1. We haven’t 😪 but we’ve seen and heard our first skylark, first lapwings (peewits/green plovers😊) heard (but not seen) woodpeckers. Spotted a female pheasant on her ground nest (cwching down, at the base of a hedge. So well camouflagued we almost missed her!) Saw a reed bunting and we’ve seen more tits than you can shake a stuck at. No cuckoo though!! 🙄

    2. Not yet. It’s the last thing for me to tick off my list of those things that herald the arrival of Spring. (Saw some swallows on Monday the 5th, while at one of our customers on the Lleyn, & saw some more today not far from Machynlleth).
      The average date for when I’ve first heard the cuckoo, over the last 7 years, has been around 18th/19th April (There’s been 2 separate years when I’ve heard it on the 17th of April). So hopefully we will hear one soon.

    1. Yippee! I too heard my first cuckoo of the season this afternoon while out on a regular walk of mine. It was heard on the southern slopes of Moel-y-Gest.

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