Saturday’s Litter Pick

GC9HE10 CITO Season 2 by 9 Usual Suspects

19 geocachers gathered for Cache in Trash Out (CITO) season 2 at Morfa Common Park / Parc Y Dre on the banks of Arfon Seiont, returning for the 5th time since 2018. As we stood in the drizzle for the safety briefing it was an unpromising damp start, both in the weather and the amount of litter that had accumulated since our last pick at this location. We split up into groups and got on with the task in hand keeping a steady flow of bags back to the collection point, for kerbside sorting of the recyclables into their respective categories. As the litter pick progressed, the weather improved with some autumnal blue sky putting in an appearance and Morfa Common Park looking much tidier than when we had started. We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone for all your hard work.

Thanks Andy (YnysMonBirders) for the photos.

We would like to make everyone aware that a syringe complete with needle was found in one of the arches. Please be vigilant when out and about geocaching, you never know what you may come across.

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Litter Pick

  1. It turned out to be a successful and bright event. It was great to meet up with you all. Bob and Judy would have been in their element, and I wore my green wellies in their honour LoL.

    1. Ahh Andy its nice that you remember us and our wellies i am so jelous of you lot and your litter picks. I have to do it on my own here i am sure people think i am poking about for fag ends (and i am not, honest) Hope you and Julie are both well and not as bored as i am! xx

    2. Thanks for the photos, again we didn’t take many and the ones we did were not a lot of good.

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