News & New Caches 51

As Glyn kindly pointed out I had missed two caches off the list, apologies Jack.

GC9ZD8E Through the gate by Neil1234567890 Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9ZDTK Two Little Dickie Birds Set Within a Wall by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T1.5

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GC9ZP5P Castell Caernarfon by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T1.5


Please note this months N&N, in for review, will be on Tuesday 27th not Wednesday 28th.

GC9ZN6M Becky & Ralph On Tour by 3BearsUK
When: Wednesday 28th September 2022
Where: The Black Bull Inn, Bangor, LL57 1NS
Time: 6pm to 8pm or when the last person leaves

Becky and Ralph are on holiday, they are hosting the above event while here and would love to meet local and non local geocachers.

TB Race Results

Here are the results of the 2021/22 TB Race

Racing Dragon
Owner Ann@Birdbrook
In the hands of FeuerPatsche
23,343.9 km
Countries visited UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

Owner Naturesbyte
In Californian Coffee Club
22,985.3 km
Countries visited UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Welsh Sea Pottery
Owner escapefromwork
In Church Micro 10232 Bibury
8,930.3 km
Countries visited UK, Ireland

Little Red Dragon Racer
Owner 9 Usual Suspects
Missing in Action
7,056.4 km
Countries visited UK, Portugal, Czechia, Denmark

HQ Win the Race TB
Owner lostnwet
In the hands of josie301
5,619 km
Countries visited UK, Ireland

Black Pig
Owner Mossfamilymacc
In Amisfield Brae Trackable Hotel (missing)
1,319.2 km
Countries visited UK


Apologies to everyone for running out of raffle tickets on Saturday, a bit of an over sight on my part, but you will be pleased to know this is very unlikely to happen again as I have purchased a ‘bargain’ multi pack of 6 books, 6,000 tickets!

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank Simon (Optimist on the run) and the WM Mega Team for their very kind donation of 3 geocoins, also Pat (searcherdog) for the donation of a cache container.

The new annual Geocoin/TB raffle will begin as soon as the tickets arrive. For this years raffle we have 7 prizes, 5 coins and 2 trackable tags.

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