Snag the Tag

Snag the Tag is a game inspired by geocaching, set up by geocachers, only rather than finding boxes, you’re trying to find a tiny metal tag which you then use to claim a prize in the form of a geocoin. The only cost to the finder is the postage of the geocoin prize.

How to SNAG THE TAG! A newby’s guide to finding & claiming (GCNW)

Celestial Witches Cat Hunt

This new game, Celestial Witches Cat Hunt, started on 28th October,2022 and runs until 28th February 2023 so plenty of time to get out and find a little cat.

Toil Trouble

Stella and Nebula, two very mischievous witches have been amusing themselves all summer; however, they carelessly lost their familiars, cats that they rely on to harness their magical powers. Luna and Sola will be disappointed if the hocus pocus is not restored, and the cosmic equilibrium between the wizards and the witches will be threatened. We need your help to find their cats Toil and Trouble and restore the balance.

The game is simple:

(1) Go to a mystical place on the map where a green Toil () or Trouble () cat icon appears.

(2) If you get there first, you will find a cat tag waiting for you.

(3) Take the tag and claim it online as soon as possible.

(4) You will then receive instructions how to get a trackable Celestial Witch geocoin prize that combines with the tag! How cool is that?

New tags appear at random times so be sure to set an alert. As a finder you can find one of each cat. Get them both to restore the balance.

Redemption rules: Strictly one coin of each type per household (not per account or family member); One Trouble tag, One Toil tag, that is it! There is no cost for the geocoin, but you are responsible for any shipping charges.

Hider deadline: January 7th, 2023, Redemption deadline: February 27th, 2023

Game questions:, Redemption questions:

We know it will be very competitive, remember hidden tags are published at 7am and 7pm. Good Luck!

Other Current Games

No More Secrets (April 15th – January 1st 2023)
The year is 2022 and the Great Cyberwar has begun. Two top secret digital weapons code-named “Silver Bullet” and “Honeypot” were designed to decrypt and infiltrate any computer system in the world. Data cards loaded with specific exploits have been scattered throughout the physical world. Your mission is to find a card, activate your own digital weapon geocoin and help make sure there are… No More Secrets…

UFO: Beam Me Up Watson! (August 27th-November 11th, 2022)
Watson the Cow was happily munching on some grass when he felt a strange weightlessness. He was flying! Not quite, he was slowly floating… more like beaming up! We are looking for UFO hunters to track down Watson’s Beamings!

There are two kinds of tags: 
Watson Blue Beams that publish at 7 am 
Watson Orange Beams that publish at 7 pm. 
Get them both and become a Beam Me Up UFO Grand Hunter!

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