News & New Caches 45

Event Cancelation

GC9X7K0 9US Celebrate International Geocaching Day 2022 by 9 Usual Suspects

With huge regret we are forced into cancelling this event, on our return from the UK Mega’s we have tested positive for Covid. We are rescheduling this event as a Community Celebration Event on Saturday 10th September hosted by Naturesbyte. We will announce more details once published.

New Caches

Five new traditional caches have been published since our last post plus this months Nosh & Natter and a chance to log a Locationless Cache.

GC9Y9MN Secret path by CaraThorn Traditional D3/T3
GC9YBNP L’s stash by skala0812 Traditional D2/T2
GC9YCCR Beddgelert train by ShahidShabbirCh Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9YFG8 Shelter by CaraThorn Traditional D2/T3
GC9YJMQ Cwmeiddaw mill by Gwenyn_Prysur087645 Traditional D2/T2

GC9YCP9 9 Usual Suspects – Nosh and Natter 49 by 9Usual Suspects
When: Wednesday 31st August 2022
Where: Parc Snowdonia, Waunfawr, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 4AQ
Time: 7pm to 9pm or when the last person leaves

Locationless Cache

GC9FAVE Discovered while geocaching – Locationless Cache by Geocaching HQ

Share your favorite local geocaching place to log a Locationless Cache!

The sentiment is voiced so often that it’s almost a cliché in the geocaching community. As the Year of the Hide celebration continues, we’re thrilled to launch GC9FAVE – Discovered while geocaching – Locationless Cache. By logging this cache, you’ll score a rare cache icon and share a favorite local place that you discovered with geocaching!

This Locationless Cache is available to log August 17, 2022 through December 31, 2023. Once you’ve visited your favorite local spot, follow these steps:

Go to the Locationless Cache page:

  • Via the direct link
  • By searching for GC9FAVE on or in the‎ Geocaching® app.

In order to log a find on the Locationless Cache, you must include one (1) photo of yourself or a personal item at your favorite local place that you discovered while geocaching. Old photos are not permitted, remember to say where the place is located or the GC code of a geocache.

While the cache page is now published, it will not open for logging until August 17, 2022. This gives you some time to think about which favorite local place you would like to revisit.

Souvenir Reminder

International Geocaching Day, 20th August, sees the chance to earn 2 souvenirs.

Log any geocache, Adventure Lab® Location, or Event on August 20 to earn the International Geocaching Day 2022 souvenir.

International Geocaching Day 2022 Souvenir

As part of International Geocaching Day celebrations geocaching HQ have set the geocaching community a challenge, to break the record for most cachers to log a find in a day. If a new record is set a souvenir will be awarded to everyone who took part in creating the new record.

World Record 2022 Souvenir

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