News & New Caches 119

A couple of new earthcaches and an Ad Lab in a stunning mountain location with a bonus cache to report since our last post.

GCAJDN7 Victorian Drinking Fountain by 74jen Earthcache D2/T1
GCAJ9AC Alveolar Weathering by MrMagnaDefender Earthcache D2.5/T2.5 note Premium Member only

Yr Eifl created by Clueless_Goose Sequential
This Adventure Lab explores the mountain ranges of Pen Llŷn. The adventure begins in the car park and takes a gradual uphill climb to Bwlch yr Eifl, then onward to the top of Mynydd Gwaith. You will then head back down to the bwlch and up Garn Ganol to the summit of Yr Eifl and highest point on Pen Llŷn. You’ll finally follow the trail to Tre’r Ceiri and ultimately head back down to the car park picking up the bonus cache:

GCAJ5A0 Yr Eifl by Clueless_Goose Mystery D2.5/T4

Geocaching Statistics for 2023

Most geocachers like numbers and statistics, to fill a grid is often what drives us to find those extra and more difficult caches. Geocaching HQ put together stats:

9US Event Stats

2023 was a very busy year for 9 Usual Suspects here is some statistics on our achievements:
We hosted 26 events, 11 of which were Nosh & Natters and 3 were CITO’s.
We had 70 geocaching accounts register a find on an event with our event at the SS Denham the most popular having 40 logged attended, a record for us and one that will be difficult for us to beat.

Can You Help?

We are looking for someone with a sewing machine who would be prepared to make us some camouflage bags to be used in a new series we are planning to publish as part of our Leap Day celebrations.

We will be supplying all materials. For more details please contact us either in the comments below or email us at

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