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9 Usual Suspects have just received this message from Geocaching HQ:

You were randomly selected to receive a Virtual Reward Cache from Geocaching HQ. We selected your account from those that had a geocache published in 2023 with four or more Favorite points. Thanks for hiding a quality cache in 2023!’

The question is where to place this special cache? Have you any suggestions?
Contact us with your ideas either through the comments or email us on talktous@9usualsuspects.uk

7 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. Congratulations – that’s great news.

    Our suggestion would be LLanfairPG as an outstanding Welsh tourist location (and because the trad there keeps disappearing!).
    Second choice would be the Lions under the new Menai bridge as they’re lost now and definitely merit being visited.

  2. My suggestions would be Ynys Enlli, we have had two great events there, Queen Vic’s pillar as we can see it from our house or Menai Bridge as it my all time favourite bridge.

  3. Congratulations indeed!

    You’re spoilt for choice If you aim to place it on your North Wales ‘patch’. I’d decide how difficult a terrain you’d like to make it first. This will narrow your choice a little, e.g. an easy & short walk to the virtual, or a long & challenging hike to the virtual or somewhere in-between.

    Here is a brief list of broad suggestions that you may consider, with some specific mentions on some as an example.

    Abbey ruins.

    A mountain summit.

    A Trig point. Not all are on top of mountains.

    A boundary stone / milestone.

    A burial chamber.

    A castle. (Dinas Emrys & its associated history).

    Crosses / crucifixes / church / chapel / stained glass.

    Clocks / Clock towers.

    A dam. (Llyn Eigiau dam).

    Follies / towers.

    Hill forts / hut circles / stone circles / standing stones. (Bryn Cader Faner round cairn).

    An old industrial ruin / chimney.

    A geological feature (Sea arch / pillow lava).

    A lighthouse / beacon.

    Monuments / memorials / plaques.

    An Old quarry. (Rhiwbach slate quarry between Blaenau Ffestiniog & Cwm Penmachno). Some quarries/mines may be off limits due to safety reasons, etc.

    Rock cannons.

    Springs / wells / fountains.

    Statue / sculpture.

    Unique locations, e.g. ‘Little Italy’ Corris.

    A waterfall.

    A windmill.

    You could choose somewhere on your doorstep, such as Dorothea quarry or the beam engine there.

    War/military relics. Pete’s facebook profile picture reminded me that there is an old artillery observation post that was renovated back in 2008 or so located above Bronaber, Trawsfynydd. There is a track up to Llyn Gelli-gain & the observation post is 400m off path from there. I’ll try & send you some photos.

    The above suggestions may indeed make your choice even harder, but I’m sure you’ll come up with somewhere suitable.

  4. Wow. You have a lot of choices. Some where beautiful. That’s the best thing about our game, the pretty views of this glorious country that we get taken too.

    Have fun and stay safe.

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