New Caches

Just two new caches this week……..

GC9DYMV Millys place by bobwedge Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9E517 Lovely view of amlwch and Irish sea by paulfelix92 Traditional D2/T1.5

New Events

We are pleased to announce the return of Geocaching events to Wales, but there are still some restrictions, so at present only outside geocaching events are allowed. The CITO will be the first 9US official event since the 14th March 2020, hopefully it will be the first of many and the end of online events!

GC9DYQ6 CITO Season 1 by 9 Usual Suspects CITO Event (Litter pick) D1/T2
by attending this event your efforts will be rewarded with CITO Season 1 2021 souvenir.

GC8QABW Let’s Celebrate International Geocaching Day! by 9 Usual Suspects Community Celebration Event D1/T1

This cache type was originally known as the Lost and Found Event Cache. It was created for events that were hosted by geocachers from April 30, 2010 to May 3, 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of geocaching. Just 362 Lost and Found Events were held, so a very limited number of cachers earned the icon. By attending this event you will earn both the Community Celebration icon and a souvenir.

Balsam Bash

Here is the coordinates for the beginning of the lane N 52° 59.202 W 004° 05.247, it is right on the nasty bend. We will meet up by the cattle grid at the beginning of the lane at 10.30am, please bring gloves, drinks etc. The forecast is OK, maybe a shower but it will be a lot cooler than it has been. For more information contact us.

New Caches

Just two new caches this week:

GC9CPCG Madam Wen Bryngwran by TegwenEdwards Traditional D1.5/T1.5

Premium Member Only
GC9DVA7 Bricks Glore by TaffyLewis Traditional D2.5/T2.5

Looks like events could be back………… watch this space!

New TB Race

As part of our International Geocaching celebrations we are going to be starting a new TB race, with prizes for the furthest travelled, for the most countries visited and for any TB’s that make it back to 2022 International Geocaching Event. On the website there will be a new page to keep track of all the competing TB’s progress.

1) The race will last for one year, starting on International Geocaching Day 2021 and finishing on International Geocaching Day 2022.
2) The start will be from 9US International Geocaching event or if geocaching events are still not allowed TB’s to be ‘dipped’ into the nearest cache to the event.
3) The TB can be ‘dipped’ by the owner into another 2 caches before it is to be released into the ‘wild’. No hanging on to it and bringing it to next years event!
4) A country is as defined by
5) TB’s distance to be recorded in KILOMETRES not miles and start at zero!
6) There is no limit to how many TB’s you can enter.

4th July BBQ

We would like to thank everyone for all the contributions of food, sweets and sundries which all added to making a very enjoyable afternoon/evening. So nice to see our geocaching friends in person and not on a zoom call. A special thanks goes to Mike (Team Marzipan) for suppling and organising the games, Pete (naturesbyte) and Julie (Bess’s Friends) for manning the BBQ’s. Hope to see everyone at our next scheluded event, International Geocaching Day on the 21st August. If all restrictions are lifted on the 19th July N&N’s will resume on Monday 31st July, venue to be confirmed.

Ball Tossing………… Team Marzipan’s famous game!

New Caches

View from Rhosydd Quary

We have something for everyone this week, seven new caches in Rhosydd Quary and mountains around Llyn Cwmorthin, a church micro and a nice traditional.

GC96DPJ This Italian is called Tony by Borderterrierist Traditional D1.5/T1.5

The following are all Premium Member only:
GC9D4FY Rhosydd Quarry – Llyn Clogwyn-brîth by meltdiceburg Traditional D2/T4
GC9D4G6 Rhosydd Quarry – Llyn Cwm-corsiog by meltdiceburg Traditional D2/T4
GC9D3NR Cnicht by meltdiceburg Letterbox D2.5/T4
GC9D4GE Llynnau Diffwys – The Island by meltdiceburg Traditional D2.5/T4.5
GC9D4FB Allt-fawr by meltdiceburg Traditional D2.5/T4
GC9D4EM Ysgafell Wen by meltdiceburg Traditional D2/T4
GC9D4F1 Moel Druman by meltdiceburg Traditional D1.5/T4

GC9D99M Church Micro 14053…Llanfair yn y Cwmwd by Saints1 Traditional D1.5/D1.5

4th July BBQ

All looking good for Sunday, weather forecast OK….ish, the tents will be up just in case of a shower, Oh and all current Covid restrictions will be observed. Hope to see you there………..

New Caches

This week we have two new caches and, yes, one is a new 9US cache! It will be a deja vu moment for anyone that found the previous ‘Aberlleiniog Castle Trail, Broadwalk’. The cache is a replacement of the multi that has had to be archived due to the disappearance of the information board.

GC9CXPB Fruit of the Forest (2) by Ijrk Traditional T1.5/D1
GC9CZA6 Aberlleiniog Castle Trail, Broadwalk by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional T2/D2

Cwm DJ’s favourite 10 caches (to date)

Cwm DJ’s favourite 10 caches (to date)
Who, other than geocachers, would repeatedly put their hands into nasty disgusting crevices in search of a container to log a smiley face? Such is the ‘sport’ of geocaching.

Though I’ve been caching since 2007 my find rate has been relatively low compared to my friends (1,384 finds as of June 2021). However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t had great enjoyment out of Geocaching.
Also, despite the fact that my caching area has been slight, it has taken me to numerous places I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve seen some spectacular views, visited historical locations, places with industrial heritage, geological features, engineering, chapels & churches, & not to mention the birds & animals encountered on route. In fact, my first wild deer sighting was while doing the Rhobell Fawr series & my first otter sighting was also while out caching.
So here are my ten favourite caches which I’ve listed in the order they were found.

No. 3 – Folly Foot Castle (GCG7BH) – BESS’S FRIENDS – 5th Aug 2007
How often have we seen in a log ‘Thank you for bringing me to this location that I never knew existed’. To prove this, my first choice is with only my third ever cache find. Though it is less than 4 miles from home, I never knew it existed until geocaching brought me here, so thank you Bess’s Friends.

No. 325 – Yllethr Cache (GC19FN2) – thefortytwa – 12th March 2013
Though dry, there had been a really cold spell prior to me getting this cache beside Llyn Bodlyn (Reservoir). Combined with a strong wind, which had blown the reservoir’s water over the dam, resulted in an icy spectacle. Ice had accumulated on the rushes as though they were frozen fingers.
Ice clad steps & guardrail.

Extent of the overtopped ice formation.

No. 474 – Suitable for Miners! (GC4YHHG) – A Mine Explorer – 24th Feb 2014
Though only a small section of the mine was encountered the spectacle that greeted you as one ventured underground to find the cache was mesmerising. The toil the miners endured to retrieve the copper from the mine must have been backbreaking, their legacy now mainly forgotten. The vivid colour of the percolated copper bearing rock was worth seeing.

No. 556 – Dee Bore Earthcache (Cheshire/Flintshire) (GCND09) – Jan and the percey boys – 14th July 2014
Though I now know what pillow lava is & what it looks like, the signs left by receding glaciers & various geological features due to earthcaches, this is the earthcache I chose as a favourite. It may not be as spectacular as the Severn bore & definitely nowhere near the scale & grandeur of the Grand Canyon (give it another 5 million years, who knows), it is still a spectacular natural phenomenon.

No. 599 – Sunny Day at Siabod (GC58XCM) – meltdiceburg/the Magna Demarooner – 17th Sept 2014
This was a film cannister cache on the island in Llyn y Foel, to the east of Moel Siabod. It hadn’t rained for 3 weeks (What? Yes, I know this is Wales) so I was hoping that the water level in the lake would be a bit lower than normal, to make for an easier crossing to the island.
The water level was certainly lower than usual, by about 60 to 90 cm I’d say (2 to 3 feet). This exposed more rocks to make the crossing easier, but you still had to get your feet wet. The water never reached my knees though on the route I took, but you had to be very careful of the very slimy & slippery submerged rocks.

No. 603 – Gwyddno’s Mountain Challenge (GC1D3GX) – Gwyddno – 24th Sept 2014
The challenge consisted of finding clues from one multi-cache & four traditional caches scattered in remote locations across Eryri. Once all the clues were found you needed to work out the location for the final mystery cache. Not only was this a memorable challenge series but my first 5/5 also. There are still only 24 finds of this cache in its 13-year existence.

No. 747 – Crag Lough (GCJ3QF) – THE SMILEYS – 24th June 2015
I’ve not ventured as far as many of you have & my favourite, out of the few I’ve done outside Wales, was while walking a 3 day walk along the central section of Hadrian’s Wall. Situated at Sycamore Gap, made famous for its scene in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner as Robin Hood.

No. 885 – Tyrau Mawr (Great Towers) (GCQFE6) – climber1958 – 17th Sept 2016
This was a letterbox hybrid cache on the modest peak of Tyrrau Mawr; a western outlier of the Cadair Idris range. Spent some time here admiring the spectacular views while having a bite to eat. Llynnau Cregennen below & Barmouth & the Mawddach estuary beyond. Still only 36 finds in its 15 ½ year existence.

No. 929 – Halloween tunnel – day or night – it will be dark (GC6W42F) – sionyn68 – 13th Nov 2016
I doubt that any local cacher wouldn’t have one of sionyn68’s caches in their top 10. The ingenuity, workmanship & trickery in his caches are renowned across this fabled land. On this occasion it was the location & what greeted you which stands out. Since I mainly cache by myself, venturing into those dark & forbidding places brings the heightened sense of adventure.

No. 1073 – 9 Usual Suspects Go Swashbuckling on Cei Ballast (GC76XBB) – 9 Usual Suspects – 15th July 2017
It was difficult to pick out an event that stood out amongst all the others, as they have all been superb. The hospitality, hearty fare, comradery & friendship, with puzzles, games & quizzes. Not to mention all the Nosh & Natters, CITO’s, GIFF’s & Christmas parties (pre-Covid).
There’s one constant in most of these events that needs special attention I believe & that is to Ann & Pete’s dedication & commitment in showing us all a good time; & Ann’s scrumptious cake of course.
In the end I picked this event as it involved us making an effort by dressing up & then the expedition to Cei Ballast. The fact that I won the award for the best event log of 2017, at that years’ Christmas party, tipped the balance.

For the video of 9US pirates raiding and plundering Cei Ballast click here

As you can probably tell from my choice of favourite caches, I tend to cache in some of those remoter Eryri locations.

Submitted by David – Cwm DJ.
If you would like to share your top caches or locations please let us know.

New Caches

This week there were 4 new caches published in our area and with Ecobake hunting for Scotlands first there is a chance for a FTF.

GC9CPGW Townswomen’s tree by llw66, _josiem Traditional D1.5/T1
GC9CKWG Toilet break by MrsLalone Traditional D1/T1
GC9CTHV Eisteddfa views by ClareSion14 Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9CGRH Pirate Treasure by epheliadavenport Traditional D1.5/T1.5

Latest News on Events

Due to the increase in Covid cases restrictions have not been lifted as promised from the 21st June, the limit of 30 people that can meet up outside remains in place in England, therefore Geocaching UK are continuing their ban on official events for the whole of the UK. So, our American themed BBQ will still be going ahead on the 4th July but sadly not as an official Geocaching event.

Latest Update

New Caches

There were no new caches published in our area this week……… Maybe there will be some next week 😉

Summer BBQ

The BBQ at ours will be a week later than originally planned on Sunday 4th July, as this just happens to coincide with American Independence Day, the theme is anything American. If Covid restrictions are lifted from the 21st June we should be able to make it an official Geocaching Event. Our UK Reviewers have not updated their policy on events since the 12th May, we had expected a further announcement as they have started to published side events for this summers UK Megas.
To give us a rough idea of numbers please could you log interest in the comments

Other News

Julie, CairnDhuSeekers, has finally had her long awaited op and is making good progress. On behalf of all her geocaching friends we would like to wish her a very speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her out and about this summer.

Reminder for ‘CITO’ 22nd May

A reminder that we will be ‘litter picking’ Saturday 22nd May commencing at 2pm, meet at usual spot on the bridge above Afon Seiont (N53 07.825 W004 16.125). This is an unofficial event as Geocaching UK won’t allow any meets currently. We look forward to seeing you all on the day, it has been a long time since we all got together. We will be complying with current Covid regulations as they stand on the day. Also might even sneak a crafty beverage in a pub afterwards :-).

Favourite Locations

Some areas have it all, great countryside and some of the best geocaches. If you have a favourite location and would like it to be included here, please contact us.

The Moseley’s Recommend Kentisbeare

If you are ever in Devon, you must visit a little village called Kentisbeare! This area is filled with fantastic geocaches placed by a geocacher called heartradio. 

We travelled to Devon for the Mega in 2017, but decided against camping on site because we dragged along a then 6 month old Moseley_Bach with us, so we stayed in a static caravan near Kentisbeare, and accidentally stumbled across these caches nearby. 

In this village and the surrounding area you can find traditional caches, multi caches, a devious mystery cache geo-[he]art, earth caches, letterbox caches and wherigos! And within these caches, there are Church Micros, Village Halls, Little Bridges, Village sign and a Fine Pair!

We spent days exploring the numerous paths and finding the varied containers and some near impossible caches. 

We had to message heartradio a few times for some help, and he always obliged. He passed us one day as we searched for a particular difficult cache and stopped to say hello!

We didn’t manage to complete his caches, and will hopefully return to the area one day to find more! 

Kentisbeare, definitely worth a geocaching visit. 

Kentisbeare Geocaches

Contributed by Lon Moseley, Welshgirl11