The cat who got the cream

Well done Glyn for snagging my first toil tag up above Nantlle back in November (I know, I’m sorry for the delay on the STT update guys…!). Everyone else- keep your eyes open, there’s only a week left for us hiders to get the remaining tags published!  

There have been a few developments regarding up-and-coming STT games this year. Rather than rewriting what others have said, I’m copying the ‘important’ comments from Facebook below: 

Morning all. 

Just so we are all clear. 

We have 2 upcoming games. 

Both will have a presale. [i.e. You need to order your tag from Scott Kirby via Facebook / PayPal

The first game is a 2nd round of UFO’s and this is on presale now

The other mystery game is being revealed January and presales will go on sale mid February. 

As usual i need a minimum of ten players to make the postage etc work. 

The UFO’s hiders are $40 plus £10.00 for the bulk postage. [two tags to hide and a tag and coin to keep] 

There are also supporters at $30 plus £10.00 for the bulk postage. [just a coin to keep and not part of the ‘game’] 

The mystery game will be $39.00 plus £10.00 shipping 

Supporters are TBC. 

If you are interested in the UFO game please DM me 

Scott Kirby – Facebook

I will not be hiding during the 2nd Watson / UFO game, but if anyone else is interested please send Scott a message on Facebook (alternatively contact me via geocaching and I can order for you.). He would like to know by this Friday (06/01/23) if you intend to hide in the 2nd UFO game. 

In the meantime, I hear a cat is stuck up a tree somewhere nearby…