‘You will always be lucky if you make friends with strange cats…’

Apologies for not posting an update in a while, before we get onto toil and trouble, cow did she get up there?….!

Congratulations CwmDJ for being the first to the final Watson tag in our area! The STT fire has certainly been lit and the cauldron of competition is bubbling away… this is where is starts getting more interesting with more players and less tags to go around… 

Anyway, move away Watson, as a new top dog (or is it cat…) is in town!

Four (Thats right, 4!) mischievous cats have gone missing from their witch owners in our area, find yourself a ‘Toil’ cat tag and reunite her with her owner (who I believe is called Nebular) in the form of a free geocoin!  

Keep an eye on the STT Celestial Witches Cat Hunt map, or set an alert on the STT page for when a new tag goes live near you, we have about 100 days still left to play!

Bubble, Bubble toil (but unfortunately no Trouble…) There’s a Witch’s storm Brewing… 

Snag The Tag

Milked for all she had…

Congratulations to Bess’s Friends for being the first snaggers to North Wales’ First tag! – https://ufo.snagthetag.com/viewTag.php?id=1002

Only 37mins and 10sec after publishing time! The game is officially on…

Did anyone pick up the clues in my last STT post? ‘Centre of Anglesey’, ‘milked her for all she had’… I did try my best to warn you… but not to worry, as there’s still one more chance to grab a Watson in North Wales, specifically where she will be is still unknown, and even to me at the moment, so don’t bother scrutinising for clues just yet 😉.

As this grows, my hope is that more people will catch the bug and become hiders themselves, in turn encouraging more finders, and making the chase even more exciting.

Unfortunately, the pre-sale for the next game (the witches missing cats) has already ended (as they’re minted to order in North America, we bulk order them as a UK contingent 6-8 weeks in advance via the UK Special Agent). I’ll be sure to keep this blog updated with all new game developments.

Fortunately, I was able to get my order in just in time! Two of the celestial witches lost cats will be finding their way to North Wales in time for Halloween, your job will be to make sure they don’t stay out in the cold too long and snag them before anyone else can to reunite them with their witch geocoin owner!

In the meantime, I wish good luck to the next Watson hunters, a UFO coin is waiting for you!