News & New Caches 74

One new cache to report since our last post:

GCA4KZ5 Church Micro 14669…Llangristiolus by Glaslyn1 Premium Member Only Traditional D2/T2

Announcement from the Piratemaina Crew

GCA2BBR Piratemania 15 Pirates Royalists & Roundheads by Piratemania Crew Mega Event

‘Arrrrrr pirates the crew are proud to announce that camping booking is now open click on the tent icon below to take you to the shop to book your pitch Arrrrrrrr’

This year there are ONLY 2 on site camping options 

Option # 1
Camper / Caravan / Muti occupancy tent
10m x 10m pitch
(2 adults and child / children under 18 included).

1 Night (+£28.00)
2 nights (+£54.00)
3 nights (+£78.00)
4 nights (+£100.00)

Option #2 Camper / Caravan / small tent

5m x 5m pitch – berthing “as crew see fit”
(1 adult & child / children under 18 included).

1 Night (+£23.00)
2 nights (+£44.00)
3 nights (+£63.00)
4 nights (+£80.00)

Additional adults will be charged at £8 per night per person

Booked. See you there…………

Event Suggestions

We are in the process of putting an event calendar together for 2023 which includes the usual N&N, CITO’s and UK Mega Events. But what about other events and activities? Below are some suggestions which we would like feed back on, but we would also like to hear from you with your ideas for events, trips and visits.

Trip to Bardsey Island
There are currently 2 traditional caches and 2 Adventure labs on the island. The trip is £45.00 per person and £23.00 per child. You are on the island for approx 4 hours. To see the puffins we need to do this event before the end of May/beginning of June.

Day Trip to Dublin
Stena are offering ‘booze cruise day trips’ from £12.00, since our last visit to Dublin we have left the EU which means there is an opportunity to purchase Duty Free. It is a long day leaving on the 9am ferry and arriving back in Holyhead around midnight.

PanIQ Rooms
A return to Porthmadog’s PanIQ Rooms to attempt ‘The Clairvoyant’s Curse’.

Trip to Wirral
GC9P8M2 RIP SS Denham by Conoronoc Virtual D5/T5
The above cache is only accessible at low tide when it is possible to walk out to the wreck. To make a day trip there are many caches in the area for us to find.

BBQ & Beer Festival
This event would be at Pete & Ann’s. We are very lucky to have several very good local breweries that supply mini kegs which would make this event possible.

Event at Coed y Brenin
Before Covid we spoke to Coed y Brenin about holding an event here. There is 11 caches to be found on the walking/mountain bike forest trails. As well as the visitors centre with café there are children’s play areas and plenty of picnic tables.
The parking charges are: £2 for 2 hours plus 40p for every additional 20 minutes (maximum £7 per day)