‘Snag a Tag’ in North West Wales

by Jack, Clueless_Goose

Firstly, many thanks to Ann for allowing me to use this platform to promote this. Secondly, what am I promoting?

Snag the Tag is a game inspired by geocaching, set up by geocachers, only rather than finding boxes, you’re trying to find a tiny metal tag which you can use to claim a geocoin at the tag hiders expense (in other words, for free!).

I must admit, it confused me too when I first started, but once you get the idea, you soon come to realise this is like a FTF hunt, but with far greater risk and reward…

Over the last few months I have been following Snag The Tag (STT) UK via a very well used Facebook Group.
Available here if you’d like to take a look – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2781868888797047/

STT works in games, the latest had a wizard theme. The tag was based on a wizard’s staff, and the geocoin was based on a wizard. Every game has two ‘tags’ that you’re able to collect (in this case a sun wizard and a moon wizard, it’s getting crazier I know, but trust me…). I snagged my first tag in this game from a hider down in London, the thrill of the chase is definitely like going for a FTF, only there is no STF, so when you grab it, you feel on top of the world, it’s really yours to keep! See the photos for my tag and claimed geocoin.

Anyway, to cut a longer story short, I have decided to become a hider, but need people to snag some tags. The upcoming game is based on a cow, abducted by aliens (I know… but you’ll all want one). My ‘hider pack’ comes with one coin and three tags (the idea is that I keep one tag and the coin, and the two other tags are up for grabs.) Each tag will have a unique code which you can enter into the STT website to claim your coin from the ‘UK special agent’ (a very nice dedicated volunteer to the game) for postage cost (£2 ish).

My tags will be going live in the next few weeks, up here in NW Wales and it would be great to see a few of you snagging them. Sign up here, set up a notification for the ‘Watson the cow’ game, and man the watch tower… https://snagthetag.com/faq.php?mode=1

Games are usually quite well spaced out, the game after Watson will be starting at Halloween. To follow on from the wizard theme, we have the ‘witches’ theme, with cat tags and witch geocoins. I’m considering becoming a hider for this game, but will need to send in my order by Friday evening (very soon I know), but first, I’d like to know if anyone here would like to join in, not necessarily as a hider, but just as a finder? If two or more people say they would, I’ll order the hider pack to arrive for when the game starts.

If we can get a group going, I’m sure more hiders will follow, and I’ll have a chance at snagging some tags too! Unfortunately, I’m the only hider in Wales at the moment…

I look forward to seeing your comments! As I say, deadline is tomorrow evening to say you’d like to play. I’d happily answer any more questions, shoot me a message on geocaching Clueless_Goose, but take a look at the Facebook group, it really helped me out.

Diolch pawb am darllen!

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