Saturdays Unoffical CITO

Before the clean up

Firstly I must thank everyone for all their hard work, what a difference we made to this area, in just 2 hours we picked over 30 bags of rubbish and removed a fallen tree.

After the clean up

On Saturday afternoon 3 Usual Suspects and geocaching friends met up for an unofficial CITO litter pick around the Tesco area of Caernarfon. Even though in Wales 30 people can now meet up outside UK Geocaching is continuing its ban on all events. It was the first time we had all met up since March 2020. Once again the weather was on our side, after two days of dreadful wind and rain, with us nearly calling off the event, Saturday afternoon was dry and the sun shone. The area picked was not as bad as the previous clean ups, but we still managed to collect 30 bags! Mostly consisting of clothes thrown over the wall from the recycling bins in Tescos car park.

Cleaned and cleared path

Dave did a fantastic job in removing the fallen tree that has been blocking the footpath for at least the last 3 years. We had reported the tree to the council on numerous occasions but nothing was ever done.

Some of the bags waiting collection

With all the bags placed at the collection points ready for Gwynedd Council to pick up it was time for a well deserved pint……… or was it two!

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  1. Well done all on your unofficial CITO. A huge clean up job. Glad the weather was good for you and your pint or two.

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