News & New Caches 94

Nine new caches, 7 traditionals, a multi and an earthcache have been published since our last post:

GCA9NZC Bright Eyes Revived by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D2/T3.5
GCA9RBX Fly Over by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D3.5/T1
GCA9WT2 The Gateway to Talysarn Hall by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D3/T1.5
GCAAC90 Take a Break, Look at that View! by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D3/T2.5
GCAADDX Out for Zero by 9 Usual Suspects Traditional D2.5/T2
GCAADZA Cornish Beam Engine House by 9 Usual Suspects Multi D2/T2
GCAAM10 By the steamtrain tracks bye e+l Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GCAAPCB Kyle’s Cache by Destructo405 Traditional D2/T2.5
GCAA66P Coedydd Beddgelert a Cheunant Aberglaslyn by The Magna Defender Earthcache D3/T3

Wheel of Challenge, Streak Star!

The Wheel of Challenge, ‘Out and About’, finished on Sunday 2nd July. There is no break as the next challenge, Streak Star! started on Monday 3rd July and finishes on Sunday 6th August. For this challenge it is all about how long you can keep a daily find streak going. There are 3 souvenirs available.

Easy Souvenir is awarded after completing a two day find streak.
Medium Souvenir is awarded after completing a seven day find streak.
Hard Souvenir is awarded after completing a twenty eight day streak.

We presume all cache types, events and Adventure Lab stages count as a find.

This souvenir is not connected to the leaderboard. Premium members can keep track of streaks statistics in the Geocaching® mobile app and also see detailed statistics including streaks on the website.

The next challenge will be announced on the 1st August.

Events Reviews & News

GCA5MYF CITO 2023 Season 1, Let’s Make Spaces for Wildlife by 9 Usual Suspects

Do you remember the seed bombs we made at this event? The above photos are from Ali showing her success including a bumble bee feeding on the borage flowers.

GCA9NXV 9 Usual Suspects – Nosh & Natter 58

All I can say is ‘All the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry’……… When we put this event in for review the weather was fab. Sunday we checked with the chip shop who confirmed they would be open, luckily Jen also checked and tipped us off that they were going to be closed. Only one thing for it, dig out the BBQ! The morning weather looked very much against us, grey drizzle that by lunchtime had deteriorated to heavy rain and strong wind. But once again the weather god took pity on us and gave us a lovely sunny evening with some amazing cloud formations. Thank you to everyone for attending and making another memorable 9US event.

GCA8D3G Maker Magic: 9US Get Creative….. by 9 Usual Suspects

Custom Cache Display Photo Andy, YnysMonBirders

We spent most of the week leading up to this event looking at weather forecasts, Saturdays weather varied from dry & sunny to heavy rain & strong winds. We decided to go with just one tent, squeeze everything into the bar and covered area. A very BIG THANK YOU to Richard & Elaine for answering our call for help in setting up on Friday, especially their assistance in putting the tent up in the rain!

What a fun day it turned out to be with lots of geochat and the usual banter. The makers table and the 3D printing demonstrations proved very popular. After the BBQ it was not long before Mike started the games.

Knife throwing is definitely a new one for 9US! The bar stayed open till late………. amazingly there was not too many headaches Sunday morning!

I must apologise to everyone who wasted there time looking for the 2 caches that had gone missing before they were published. I will try and get them replaced this week.

We would like to Thank everyone for sharing their original caches, can’t wait for Bess’s Friends cleverly constructed caches to go ‘live’, all the contributions of food and drink, the team of washer uppers and everyone who supported us by buying raffle tickets. Lastly Thank everyone for attending without your support there would be no events.

Other Bits

I apologise for the event to Ballast Island not happening, we hope to reschedule later in the year.

A date for your diary, our Halloween Party will be Friday 3rd November from 6pm until the last person leaves.

3 thoughts on “News & New Caches 94

  1. Wow! Ali’s flowers are amazing!! The Maker Magic event was brilliant. We were so glad we could be there 👍😊

  2. Not too sure ad lab caches count towards your streak for this next challenge???
    Ian (Browni) has ad lab finds for the first 2 days but he didn’t get the souvenir [:(]
    I think “” may be broken though!!!
    We and Kevin (Snakes77) both have ordinary finds on the first two days and we’ve both got a new souvenir [:P] Check out our profiles and you’ll see we’ve both been given “Project Ape Cache Finders” souvenirs ? (Personally I’m not complaining as I can’t afford a trip to Brazil for that one) [;-)]

  3. The seed bomb flowers look great. I’ll have to check up on the ones I gave away.

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