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There have been no new caches or Adventure Labs published since our last post.

This event is out of our area but as Suli is a regular attendee at our events we feel it deserves to be mentioned here. Shame it is on a Monday evening.

Rolling back the years……….

GCA9BR5 A Ten Year Celebration with the Hitman (2013-2023) by Hitman D1/T1

9 Usual Suspects Re-visit Ynys Enlli

GCA5EAK 9 Usual Suspects Re-visit Ynys Enlli Event by 9 Usual Suspects

Firstly we would like to Thank everyone who attended and making another fun 9US adventure.

After a week of very good weather and a good forecast for the weekend we were shocked when Pete picked up the message to confirm our sailing that there was some doubt in it taking place. There was high winds forecast for the afternoon, the 9.30 crossing was going ahead as planned but we had to call back at 8am when a more accurate assessment of the weather could be made. With FfiLli travelling on the 9.30 boat the event would have at least one attendee! At 8.02am we gathered around Petes phone to hear that we were in luck the boat was sailing as planned but to be prepared for ‘very wet crossings’.

The weather made for some ‘interesting’ crossings, especially the return journey where I think we all got very wet apart from Captain Colin and Bryan who managed to secure the only dry standing spot on the boat!

Interesting angle of the horizon!

The highlight of the outward journey was getting close to the puffins, guillemots and other sea birds. On our arrival we headed to the cafe to set up the event, here we found the other 3 attendees who had arrived on the earlier boats enjoying the offerings of the cafe. During our four hour stay there was lots of comings and goings from our base at the cafe as everyone called in for refreshments as they explored the island, found the Ad Labs and caches. The breezy sunshine ensured we all dried very quickly.

For our return journey the breeze had developed into quite a strong wind making for some choppy seas and lots of spray soaking us all. Once in the shelter of the mainland the sea calmed and the boat stopped bouncing as the waves subsided. On our way out we had all commented on the large sea cave not ever expecting to get close let alone enter, but now on flat water, in we went. Amazing rock formations and such clear water, what a treat!

In the Cave

After thanking and paying Captain Colin we all headed up the hill to the carpark before finishing the cake and heading home. Just a fabulous day out.

Souvenir Challenges

Mays Wheel of Challenges finishes on Monday June 4th, so there is only a few days left to gain the 1,000 points to earn both souvenirs.

Junes Wheel of Challenges starts on Monday 5th June and runs until Sunday 2nd July. This challenge is all about seeing how many days you can get outside and find a geocache. There are three new souvenirs for easy, medium, or hard levels of the challenge.

Earn the easy souvenir for this month by logging a find on five different days. Earn the medium souvenir for this month by logging a find on ten different days. Earn the hard souvenir for this month by logging a find on 20 different days.

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  1. Wow, what a memorable day you had. I am looking forward to seeing the end of year video diary that you delight us with. 🤣😀

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