News & New Caches 82

We have no new caches or events to report since our last post.

Wheel of Challenges: First Challenge

Monday 3rd April sees the end of Signal’s Labyrinth Challenge and the beginning of the latest challenge series, Wheels of Challenges.

Are you ready for this new set of challenges?

The Wheel of Challenges first challenge is all about quantity, see how many caches and Adventure Lab® Locations you can find in a month. There is three new souvenirs to collect, easy, medium, and hard.

Easy: Find and log 5 caches to earn the first souvenir.
Medium: Find and log 10 caches to earn the second souvenir.
Hard: Find and log 100 caches to earn the third souvenir.

This challenge runs from April 3rd–30th. The May challenge will be announced on Tuesday 25th April.

CITO 2023 Season 1 Message

Message of thanks from Norman Hughes from the council

“Great work once again.
I have not been informed as to the intentions for the park however I will ask and let you know once I receive an update.
Please pass on our appreciation to all the volunteers involved during the weekend.”

New Section of Coastal Path from Aberogwen to Porth Penrhyn

Currently there is no public right of way along the coast from Aberogwen to Porth Penrhyn but this is all about to change with the opening of a new 3km section of the Wales Coastal Path. The existing route of the Wales Coastal Path takes an inland detour to Tal-y-bont, through LLandygai and along the A5 to Porth Penrhyn where it once again joins the coast.

Map showing existing Coastal Path

Back in May 2021 Gwynedd Council issued a ‘Public Footpath Creation Order’ to establish a public footpath through the Spinnies Nature Reserve and the Penrhyn Estate. After successful negotiations between Gwynedd Council, Penrhyn Estate and North Wales Wildlife Trust the new route was agreed. The new path will be accessed through the Spinnies main gate, then follow the estate wall crossing over Afon Ogwen via the old estate bridge.

It will then follow the coast giving spectacular views over Traeth Lafan before joining the existing Coastal Path at Porth Penrhyn.

New Route

There is no date set for the opening of the path but all work is expected to be completed enabling the path to open spring 2023.