News & New Caches 64

There have been no new Geocaches or Adventure Labs published since our last post.

Event Reminder
GCA2704 9 Usual Suspects Visit Penrhyn Quarry by 9 Usual Suspects D1/T1
Where: Blondin RestaurantZip World Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda LL57 4YG
When: Sunday 4th December
Time: 2.30pm-3.30pm

To celebrate the arrival of our slate geocoins we are visiting Penrhyn Quarry the source of the slate. The Blondin Restaurant has great views across the famous slate quarry with the fastest zip wire in the world running just metres away.

Coins will be available to purchase at £9.00 each.

Signal’s Labyrinth, Escape the Castle

Monday 5th December sees the end of Signal’s Hedge Maze challenge and the beginning of the Castle Maze. Like the other maze challenges there are 2 souvenirs available, you must collect 50 points to earn the first souvenir and 500 points to earn the second souvenir.

Each labyrinth in Signal’s Labyrinth challenge has different point values for finding geocaches, Adventures, and bonus items. In the Castle Maze attending an event is worth maximum35 points, with lanterns being the bonus item earning an extra 50 points. Like previous mazes these are awarded randomly. The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 85 points.

Found an Adventure Lab Cache (Adventure Location)10
Attended an Event35
Found a Mystery Cache30
Found a Multi-Cache30
Found a Letterbox Hybrid25
Found a cache with 10+ Favourite points20
Found a Signal’s Labyrinth item50
Found it*15

*Log a Found it on any other cache type

This challenge runs until Monday 6th February, 2023


Tuesday we collected gloves, a couple of different design bag hoops to review and 7 boxes of bags each containing 200 bags! I’m not sure how much litter the council think we are going to pick but they are making sure we never run out of bags. Our next litter pick will be early 2023. Please contact us if you know of an area that could do with a tidy up.

9 Usual Suspects 2022

I am in the process of compiling a YouTube video of our 2022 Geocaching adventures. Have you any photos/video that you would like to be included? If so please email them to me,, in original or large format.

Snag the Tag

Toil: 854 – There’s a storm abrewing…

Congratulations Glyn on winning the race to find the cat, looks like a storm was definitely a brewing!