News & New Caches 58

We have had 6 new caches published since our last post, all on the edge of our area.

GCA0EJ9 G’s 2nd by daisy4223 Traditional D1.5/T1.5

The following series of five caches takes you on a 2.5 mile circular walk around Foel Offrwm. 
GCA0YG3 Foel Offrwm Walk 1 by Oldquincepie Traditional D1/T1.5
GCA0YH7 Foel Offrwm Walk 2 by Oldquincepie Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GCA0YJK Foel Offrwm Walk 3 by Oldquincepie Traditional D1.5/T2
GCA0YK8 Foel Offrwm Walk 4 by Oldquincepie Traditional D1.5/T2
GCA0YM0 Foel Offrwm Walk 5 by Oldquincepie Traditional D1.5/T2

Limited Edition Slate Geocoins

As part of our on going fund raising we are currently looking into the possibility of having a custom 9US slate geocoin. The slate is local coming from Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, and the coins will be approximately 56mm wide, by 3mm thick with the design laser engraved. The coin will be trackable on with 9US logo on the front and a Welsh dragon on the back. Estimated cost £8-£10, the coins would be available to purchase at our events or order through the website. If we get our act together they could be available in time for Christmas;) An example of a slate coin can be seen below.

Before we precede any further, we need to gage interest. Do you think it is a good idea? More importantly would you be prepare to buy one! Please contact us either through the comments or message us through 9 Usual Suspect geocaching account.

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