News & New Caches

Three new traditional caches have been recently published:

GC9PX90 Brooks’ Barmouth Bash #4.5 – Route Finder Traditional D1.5/T2

Following caches are Premium Members only:
GC9P15M CITO – Slightly Higher Flying Aircraft by PPJ889 Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9PBE4 CITO – Valley Layby by Squaddie101 Traditional D1.5/T1.5

Where are the First to Finders?

Crown of the Carneddau by Clueless_Goose

GC9MHKC Crown of the Carneddau by Clueless_Goose Mystery D5/T5

Amazingly the FTF is still up for grabs on this Adventure Lab and bonus cache, 8 weeks after publication! To give everyone a bigger incentive, cache owner Clueless_Goose, has increased the difficulty and terrain ratings of the bonus to the maximum D5/T5. Will this carrot lead the donkeys up the hill?

Event Reminder

GC8MAT4 Community Celebration Event – Final Daily Grid by welshgirl11 & gmoseley88
When: Friday 18th March 2022
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Where: Dinas Dinlle
Join Lon & Gwyn in celebrating completing their Daily Grid at Dinas Dinlle. We are hoping to have a couple of new caches go live………….. and there will be cake!

Last weekends CITO

GC9N9C1 Plas vs Plastic CITO by Squaddie101

escapefromwork, Bess’s Friends and naturesbyte with some of the bags of litter collected

We would like to say a Big Thank You to Squaddie101 for organising. This event was part of the Million Mile Beach Clean and was run in conjunction with British Divers Marine Life Medics (BDMLR), Keep Wales Tidy – Cadwch Grymu’n Daclus and Orthios Group who removed/recycled all trash and plastic collected. The 50+ volunteers collected a huge 720kg rubbish, mainly plastic of which 400kg was recycled.

Guess the Cache 6

So far no correct guesses, so here is a very big clue, you may find yourself on a Magical Mystery Tour….