News & New Caches

We have had two new caches published in our area, both Premium Member only.
GC9PFW9 Fields of Floof by Squaddie101 Traditional D1.5/D1.5
GC9PGBE A Fine Pair #1656 – Llandudno by Seanx90 Multi D1.5/T1.5

Glynllifon Park, Have Your Say!

Gwynedd Council are currently running a consultation to find what local and not so local people would like to happen with the park. The Council only owns the parkland and part of the gardens which are grade 1 listed containing a diverse collection of rare trees and plants, alongside these are extravagant follies designed by Lord Newborough to entertain his friends at his flamboyant parties and social functions. With little or no maintenance over the last 20 years many of the paths are now impassable with the follies and bridges in disrepair. The council has very limited funds and is looking for ideas to benefit the local community as well as attracting visitors from further a field to enable the restoration of this fascinating place and making the park financially sustainable.

Of course we have already proposed placing a Geocaching trail in the park and your support by completing the survey below would be appreciated.

To have your say please take this survey ASAP