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Another week with no new caches and Adventure labs published since our last post.

GIFF 2023 Results

Geocaching HQ have counted the votes for both the Signal and the People’s Choice Awards.
The Signal Award winner, selected by a panel of geocaching community volunteer reviewers from around the world, is….. Tilius Travel. Congratulations to the filmmakers  Thorro, Occultator, and der_SiR!

In the heartwarming story of Tilius Travel, Tilius the Travel Bug® gets separated from his creator and has to find his way back in a series of adventures through the Black Forest. He encounters geocachers, geocaches of all shapes and sizes, and the dangers of the wilderness. It’s one trackable against the world on an epic journey to return home.

The People’s Choice Award winner, selected by the geocaching community whom took part in the online survey to vote for their favourite film, is….. Geocare – Home for the Aged Geocacher. Congratulations to the filmmaker chooknchunk! This was the winner of the vote at our event.

Geocare – Home for the Aged Geocacher is a hilarious glimpse into the future of geocaching. This lighthearted film shows a group of elderly geocacher residents as they attempt, with the help of their nurses, to find a newly-published geocache. Relatable, witty, and containing a surprise twist, this film resonates with many dedicated geocachers and was by far a fan favourite.

Here are some GIFF 2023 numbers:
Over 11 days, geocachers logged over 14,000 ‘Attended’ logs at registered GIFF Events.
58 film submissions from 21 different countries
18 finalist clips from 11 different countries
549 total Events in 46 different countries, including 547 regular Events and 2 Mega-Events
10,000+ votes for the People’s Choice Award

GIFF Intermission

Sadly there will be no GIFF for 2024, but the red carpet will be rolled out again in 2025 as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations. So that gives us a whole 2 years to make that winning film!

Locationless Cache

GC9FAVE Discovered while geocaching – Locationless Cache

If you have not already logged this special cache time is running out as it is going to be archived and locked on the 1st January, 2023.

In order to find this special cache, simply revisit and share a favourite local place that you discovered while geocaching. Then, go to the cache page and post your Found it log with

  • One (1) photo of yourself or a personal item at your favourite local place that you discovered while geocaching. At least one photo is required to log this cache, old photos are not permitted.
  • State where the place is located, for example, the city of Paris, or the GC code of the geocache.

2023 Hider Souvenir

2023 Hider Souvenir

There is still time to earn the 2023 Hider Souvenir but time is quickly running out, either hide a cache or host an event by the 31st December 2023.

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