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GIFF 2023 Event Review

GCAED06 GIFF 2023, Geocaching International Film Festival by 9 usual Suspects Event D1/T1

A very big Thank You to everyone for attending. The weather was perfect for a GIFF event…… grey, wet and cold. A miserable Sunday afternoon when you really did not want to be outside caching. After hot drinks, snacks and plenty of geochat we settled down to watch the films. We started this years film show with a surprise addition, Dragons Quest, a film submitted by RichieBlod but sadly didn’t make Geocaching HQs final cut. This was by far the most popular film with our audience!

As in our previous GIFF events everyone was given a voting sheet and asked to mark the films out of 10. The results of the voting:
1) Geocare – Home for the Aged Geocacher 121 votes
2) Don E.T. 95 votes
3) Geocaching Might Be For You 81 votes

It will be very interesting to compare our results with those of the official vote run by HQ, GIFF People’s Choice Film.
How to vote for GIFF People’s Choice Film:
1. Attend an official GIFF Event November 9 – 19, 2023.
2. After watching the films, go to .
3. Vote for your favourite film.
One vote per player account. Voting closes Thursday 23rd November.

We have to Thank Pete for the personalised event souvenirs, sorting the tech and being projectionist, Elaine for running the kitchen, Carole & Caleb for letting us show their film, Richard for helping setting/clearing up, Jen for the wonderful raspberry flapjack and everyone that helped out, supported us by buying raffle tickets, containers and making donations. Your support is very much appreciated!

Slate Geocoin Competition

Have you ever thought about designing a geocoin? We have 15 blank slate coins that are awaiting your design. The coins will be sold at our events to raise money for 9US funds.

Our first slate geocoins

The slate coins are approx 50mm in diameter. The coin will have two designs one on the obverse (heads) and one on the reverse (tails). The design needs to contain the wording ‘9 Usual Suspects’ and ‘Track at’. Space has to be left for TB 6 digit tracking number which will begin 9U. No brand names, trademarks or logos to be used. The coin design has to go through an approval process by Geocaching HQ. Designs to be either emailed to or handed directly to us. The competition closing date is 31st December 2023.

Further details message us either through the comments, 9 usuals Suspects Geocaching account or

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