News and New Caches 29

This week has seen the Mawddach Meander series by CazzaB80 extended by another 4 caches. The series will eventually follow the whole 9.5 miles of the Mawddach Trail between Barmouth and Dolgellau. For more details see our post 17th April 2022 HERE.

GC9V7F4 Mawddach Meander – Solo Silver Birch by CazzaB80 Traditional D1.5/T1.5
GC9V7HQ Mawddach Meander – Gun Enplacement? by CazzaB80 Traditional D2/T2.5
GC9V7GP Mawddach Meander – Barmouth Bridge D3/T2
GC9V7FM Mawddach Meander – Boggy Business by CazzaB80 Traditional D2/T2

The Gog. Gwynedd Trail

Clueless_Goose has been very busy with the publication of a new series of 20 caches. There is an interesting mix of cache types, including a Church Micro Wherigo which must be a first for North Wales. The 6 mile circular walk guides you around quiet country lanes, trails and paths highlighting areas of beautiful Gwynedd countryside that are too often ignored. Remember to make a note of the bonus information which is found in 6 of the caches either on the log book or container lid.

We are planning on attempting the series on Sunday 19th June and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us. For further details please contact us either through the comments or by contacting us direct.

GC9T4GO #1 Gog. Gwynedd Trail by Clueless_Goose Traditional D1/T1.5
GC9T4JN #2 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Gate by Clueless_Goose Traditional D1.5/T2
GC9T4K9 #3 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Keep Me Posted by Clueless_Goose Traditional D1.5/T2
GC9T4M0 #4 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – A Place by the Fire by Clueless_Goose Mystery D2/T2
GC9T4N8 # 5 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Prickly Customer by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T2.5
GC9T6AJ # 6 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – A Fairy Good Cache by Clueless_Goose Traditional D1.5/2.5
GC9T6B1 # 7 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Best Zipline in N. Wales by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9T6B8 # 8 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Rest & Recharge by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T2
GC9T6E5 #9 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Sws Sws xx by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T1.5
GC9T6EJ #10 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Sheep’s Lunchbox by Clueless_Goose Traditional D1.5/T2
GC9TQP7 #11 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Pont Ogwen by Clueless_Goose Puzzle D2.5/T3.5
GC9T6FW #12 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Styling it Out by Clueless_Goose Letterbox D1.5/T1.5
GC9T9PZ #13 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Bottom of the Hill by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T1
GC9T9QD #14 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Riveting Stuff by Clueless_Goose Traditional D2/T2
GC9T9RB #15 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Be Ceffyl Now! by Clueless_Goose Multi D2/T1.5
GC9T9RZ #16 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Stick ’em Up! by Clueless_Goose Traditional D3.5/T1.5
GC9TABC Church Micro 14382…Tal-y-bont by Clueless_Goose Wherigo D2.5/T1.5
(#17 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Church Micro 14382…Tal-y-bont)
GC9T9TE #18 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Don’t Slate It Now! by Clueless_Goose Letterbox D2/T2
GC9T9WE #19 Gog. Gwynedd Trail – Pay up by Clueless_Goose Multi D2.5/ T1.5

GC9T9XF BONWS Gog. Gwynedd Trail by Clueless_Goose Mystery D2/T2

Event Reminder

GC9TV0N 9 Usual Suspects – Nosh & Natter 46 by 9 Usual Suspects Event D1/T1
When: Tuesday 31st May 2022
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Where: Anglesey Arms, Harbour Front, Caernarfon LL55 1SG
If you are planning to attend please could you log a ‘will attend’ as we need to let the pub know numbers.