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Trackable Name Badges

Looking for something unique to wear at a Geocaching event? Want everyone to know who you are? Then a trackable name badge might be the answer.

Sporting the latest Geocaching logo as well as Signal the Frog, these durable name badges identify you as a Geocacher and can be supplied with your name, your caching team name and a tracking number.

Waterpoof and hard wearing too! Each badge comes with a safety pin fastening on the rear. Available with White, Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold, Brushed Silver or Delrin plastic.

The cost of the badges is normally £4.45 each but if we can place a bulk order with NE Geocaching Supplies they will give us a discount. If you would like to use an existing trackable code that you own deduct a £1.

For more details and to place an order please contact us through the comments or email us
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