Discovering Geocaching

So how did you discover geocaching? A question I have been asked many times by fellow geocachers. I had never heard of Geocaching until I received a phone call from a very good friend, the conversation went like this:
“Have you heard of Geocaching?” 
“Well Google it. I think you and Pete will love it”
My friend was walking her dogs on their daily walk through the churchyard when one returned with a small Tupperware box in his mouth labeled “Official Geocache, Do Not Remove”. Having no idea what it was she cautiously opened the box to find a seal easy bag, inside a piece of paper with dates and strange names, plus a marble and a couple of plastic toys. Not sure what to do with the box she took it home and did an internet search, this lead her to the Geocaching site, which in turn revealed that the box was a church micro geocache. From the pictures of the tree and the hint she was able to return the cache to its rightful obvious hiding place.

We did as we were told and did ‘Google it’. We were surprised to find that there was a cache placed on one of our regular dog walks hidden under a little bridge that we had crossed hundreds of times unaware of its existence.

Our first geocache.
GC20FZM Stambourne troll replacement by Foxfords 17.1.2010

Friday night in our local pub we met up with Sian whose first question was “I didn’t realise you were geocachers”. It turns out that she was the owner of our first find. Small world.

And the rest, as they say, is history – we were hooked!

July 4th BBQ

Just a week to go before our American themed unofficial geocaching event on the 4th July. We will be lighting the BBQ at 3pm and partying until the last person leaves. To give us an idea of numbers please log a ‘will attend’ in the comments.
For anyone that has not been to an event at our house the coord’s are N53 02.994 W004 14.177
Parking will be in the field at N 53° 02.988 W 004° 14.295 (Hopefully we will have mown the grass!)
Very close by is GC8CCV6 Under Ann@Birdbrook and Naturesbyte’s nose.

6 thoughts on “Discovering Geocaching

  1. 🙁 We had planned to attend but now we can’t because Eluned has been in close contact to someone who has tested positive for Covid19 at nursery, so she is isolating.
    We miss the 9US events – hopefully we can see you all soon 🤞🤞

  2. Hi – if it’s not too late could I please add my name? It would be great to meet some of the COs who have got me out and about exploring this beautiful part of the world that we are lucky to live in.

  3. I think Elaine has already said we’ll be there, but just in case, we’ll be there !

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