CITO 2022 Season 2

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GC9ZVCP CITO 2022 Season 2 by 9 Usual Suspects

Dinas Dinlle is beautiful whatever the weather, but today, the weather was perfect, blue skies, sunshine and just enough breeze to form some lovely waves.

Elaine hard at work

Base camp was set up in the corner of the first carpark to be close to the amenities. After everyone was issued with equipment and had listened to Petes brief safety briefing we all dispersed and collected litter from a very wide area.

We came here a couple of weeks ago while looking for some where to hold a Season 2 CITO and there was quite a bit of litter around, plenty for a worth while litter pick. Today we found very little litter, either the high winds on Friday had blown the rubbish away or someone has had a bit of a clear up. We still picked several bags, mostly small bits of plastic and the usual drink bottles/cans plus a fish and large polystyrene box.

After the litter pick we all returned to base for refreshments of cold drinks and cake. Eventually, after lots of geochat and a few photographs, everything was loaded into the car and people drifted off home or to the chip/ice cream shop.

Thank you everyone for supporting us by attending and helping make another very successful event also not forgetting Gwynedd Council for suppling the equipment and their on going support of our events.

3 thoughts on “CITO 2022 Season 2

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely cake Ann & Pete, my mum was not impressed that I did not take her along – I think karma hit me as I was stuck on the M56 for 2 hours (oops).

    Plus point, I found the mooooooo in Manchester and snagged the tag! Thank you both and to Jack for the heads up 😉

  2. Woohoo – I’ve got the orange beam tag from the border!



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