We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year with not too many hangovers. May 2020 be a good one!
As some of you already know Ann has been awarded a Community Celebration Event by Geocaching HQ. This event is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of geocaching and all attendees will gain a special icon and souvenir. Of course, there are several rules but basically the event has to be at least 2 hours and held between May 2, 2020, and December 31, 2020.
So the big question is What shall we do? We would like to make the event accessible to everyone, so we have ruled out a party at Queen Vic’s Obelisk on Mynydd Tal-y-Mignedd.
Our preferred date would be Sunday 24th May, the last Bank Holiday in May.
At the moment we are toying with the idea of having a ‘pop up’ pub, here in Nantlle, with a local ale festival, darts, pool, BBQ and of course a pub quiz.
Does this idea appeal? And would all our ‘regulars’ be available to attend?
Please let us know of any other ideas you might have, you can contact us through 9 Usual Suspects geocaching page either by message or email.

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