Yorkshire Mega GSAK files

Brian and Ali have kindly provided the GSAK file for Yorkshire Mega caches, if you use this please buy them a beer

FIle is available at




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2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Mega GSAK files

  1. It’s only the YM18.## puzzles with the corrected co-ords in that GSAK file 😉
    Ali’s still working on a few of the others [8D]
    I think (or should that be sure) she cracked both of the jigsaws, the wordsearch and the Yorkshire Alumini yesterday which leaves me with the sudoku and “I Can Follow Instructions” puzzles for breaktime distractions on 12 hour nights in work over the weekend 😉
    More than willing to swap a few pints for a little help on those myself [:o)]
    Hopefully see you all soon in Yorkshire and for those attending Pirate Mania this weekend have loads of fun, I’m more than a little jealous but work comes first nowadays 😉
    Cheers Bryan

  2. Yeah! All the Yorkshire puzzles (we’ve attempted so far) are now solved [;)] except the one’s that are attached to series walks obviously [:o)]
    If anyone want’s a gentle nudge in the right direction for the sudoku….just ask me [;)][;)]
    I hope……. I’ll be able to manage to save anyone else from being hit over the head from Ali’s 3by2 plank of wood on that one!! [:o)]
    See……..”I (really)Can Follow Intructions”……..too (Ali) [:o)]
    Hope the caches are as good as the puzzles [;)][;)]

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