16.06.2019 GC875VC Sunrise on Snowdon 4:49am on top of Snowdon

25.6.2019 GC896CX Nosh & Natter 32 7-9pm Anglesey Arms, Harbour Front, Caernarfon LL55 1SG

30.6.2019 GC87MGD Breakwater Meet and Greet – There will be a mini quiz leading to 10 letterboxes (not official geocaches) approx a 2-mile walk. Points will be awarded and the team with the most points wins.
You are all invited after for a BBQ at Rocklands (Ray and Julies).
Please log will attend if you are planning to go


07.07.2018 GC88TNK Moseley_Bach reaches 1000 finds! Llanberis

We are also looking for volunteers to help us with: GC87Y0P 9US Celebrate International Geocaching Day 2019 day, setting up prior to the event and on the day

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