Leap Year TB Race Update Feb 2018

Leap Year TB Race Update (as at 28.2.2018)

1 Leap Frog owner Ann@Birdbrook 41,797 miles

Currently in the hands of moosrose2014 travelling around Switzerland. Countries visited UK, Ireland, Iceland, USA, Puerto Rico, Antilles, Dominica, Saint Lucia, St Kitts, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

291 logs recorded.

2 Ranidaphopbia owner Naturesbyte 17,865 miles

Great start but at the moment missing in action.

Countries visited UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Morocco and Greece.

155 logs recorded.

28.2.2018 Still missing……..

3 Travel Track owner Jude100 16,558 miles

Currently in the hands of the owner. Has moved up to 3rdplace in the leader board.

Countries visited UK, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

227 logs recorded.

4 Speedy owner siwelevets 15,963 miles

Currently in the hands of the owner and touring North West England.

Countries visited UK, Greece, Ireland, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Spain.

701 logs recorded.

5 Gannet Travel Track owner YnysMonBirders 11,546 miles

After a very good start this one seems to be ‘missing in action’!

Countries visited UK and Malta.

602 logs recorded.

6 “Speedy” Travel Track owner Ecobake 9,509 miles

Currently in the hands of the owner.

Countries visited UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, France and Belgium.

926 logs recorded.

7 Scorch Bach owner Welshgirl11 5,895 miles

Currently in the hands of the owner touring Wales.

Countries visited UK and Ireland.

897 logs recorded.

8 Green Woodpecker Travel Track owner CairnDhuSeekers 5,570 miles

Currently in the hands of the owner and touring the UK.

Countries visited UK and Norway.

141 logs recorded.

9 Tony Fernandes owner gmoseley88 3,565 miles

Looks like this one could be missing…….

Countries visited UK, Ireland and Spain.

173 logs recorded.

28.2.2018 still no movement on this one……

Total miles travelled 128,268

Total logs recorded 4,113

18 Countries visited

Antilles, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Dominica, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Puerto Rica, New Zealand, Saint Lucia, Spain, Switzerland, St. Kitts, UK, USA.

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