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Lon Las Menai CITO – 
Caring for Caernarfon Part 1 GC8KKRV 14 March 2020,
A group of volunteers consisting of geocachers and members of the public spent the morning at the start of the Caernarfon section of Lôn Las Menai cycle path along the Menai Strait towards Y Felinheli for their Bi-Annual  “Cache in Trash Out.”, this area is a wind trap and seems to be a magnet for litter.  After several hour dedicated effort the team collected 17 bags of general litter, 2 boxes of cans, 2 boxes of plastic bottles and a box of glass bottles with single-use plastics making up the bulk of the items collected. The litter was sorted and taken to Cybyn recycling centre for processing.

This effort is part of a global event where, Geocachers participated in an international event called “Cache in Trash Out Day.”  The Geocachers, cachers for short, undertake to clean up litter in public land, and parks, plant trees, remove invasive species, build trails, and more as part of the give-back philosophy of the sport. 

The organisers would like to thank Gwynedd Council, Tidy Towns scheme who generously loaned the equipment, gave advice on safety and handling for the event.

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