We have two events coming up:

28.2.2018 GC7J1AZ 9 Usual Suspects – Nosh & Natter 7-9pm Australia, Porthmadog

3.3.2018 GC7JCQT  9 Usual Suspects Go High Vis in Amlwch 12-12.30pm

We will be gathering for geochat a Cuppa and a cake in Amlwch.  After the Event all attendees are invited to join the locals for a World Record Attempt for the Most People Wearing High-Visibility Vests. The attempt is being organised by Michaela Jones (Jonesof3) and will take place between 13.00-14.00 hours at Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones. The current record is held by Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan who managed to assemble 2,136 people. So please support and be part of a world record all you have to do is be counted wearing a high vis vest.

The Brewery Tour is going to be put back as too many could not make the 10thMarch, with Easter and CITO at the end of April it looks like this could now be May.

We would like to wish Elaine (richandelaine) a very speedy recovery as she has badly broken her ankle after signing the log on GC72WMZ 4 = 1. Maybe the puzzle solving event was not such a good idea……..

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