9 Usual Suspects Celebrate Canada Day GC7693N 2017-07-02

The 9 Usual Suspects hosted an event in Beddgelert Forest to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation. The chosen venue for this event was the picnic area at Llyn Llywelyn and the closest we could find to match Canada’s stunning scenery there was, a lake with crystal clear water and a mountain backdrop framed by pine trees, with a bit of imagination it could have been Canada!
Bunting and flags bearing the maple leaf were draped over the surrounding trees which assisted in bringing a little bit of Canada to Wales for the picnic spot.
We were honoured to have a Canadian/Welsh family to attend and cut the cake (which was iced with a Maple Leaf or l’Unifolié) and sing the Canadian national anthem, as a warm up our resident Canadian lead the group singing “Land of the Silver Birch” song which all joined in.
Of course being a 9 Usual Suspects Picnic there was lots to eat cake, hot pancakes with Maple syrup and some Canadian beer.
The event drew people from far and wide Denmark, Northumberland, Powys, Sale, Chester and a fair few Usual Suspects from the local community.
Massive thanks to all who attend making the afternoon a great success and a local Canadian very happy.

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