9 Usual Suspects – Xmas Nosh ‘n’ Natter

So we can’t have our usual Christmas meal/party /general good time due to the apparently never-ending pandemic and random lockdowns. So we have a cunning plan……. a Virtual Christmas party, courtesy of the interweb.
So here’s the plan
1. We all logon wearing Xmas attire, there will be a virtual prize for best outfit.
2. Bring your own booze and a cracker to pull (all will be revealed on the night!).
3. There will be quizzes and games of course (more virtual prizes).
4. Finally plenty of good cheer to go round

This great event will be on 7:00 pm Tuesday 1st December and will replace the weekly quiz.

If you are interested please drop us an email to admin@9usualsuspects.uk so we can provide joining details and a web link to meeting

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